RT-SP Rejects Left Party Austerity, Intervention in Libya, & Support for Israel

The Revolutionary Tendency of the Socialist Party (RT-SP) Opposes the Decision of the Socialist Party National Committee to support the Left Parties of Germany and Sweden

Help Occupy Columbus: What's Going On?

decision-making crowdIn my last article, I called for more of an Anarchist presence at each General Assembly (GA). If we want the GA to move towards dismantling capitalism and the state that benefits and supports capitalism, then Anarchists need to be present at the GAs so that we can make proposals that move us closer to these goals. In this article, I'm asking all women, people of color, disabled, poor, GLBTQ, and everyone who's experiencing struggle to attend the GAs. I also highlight some of the other important issues currently being debated.

Dispatch from China: Immigrant Rights Activist Joins Lunar New Year, Builds Solidarity

Spring Festival, also known as Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year, is beyond a massive holiday; it impacts everyone in China. Nearly a billion people will travel back to home during the so-called 40-day Chunyun (春运) travel period, the world's largest human migration movement.This year's Chunyun will be expected to make up around 3.16 billion passenger trips means around a round-trip for every people in China (population approx.13.3 billion).

Gains for Healthcare, Despite Obama

Gains for Healthcare, Despite Obama

By Steven Argue

The set of healthcare “reforms” pushed and signed by Obama at best only slightly regulate the out of control for-profit insurance industry. At worst they raid money from a program that does work, Medicare, and keeps the insurance companies in control of the health care of Americans who are lucky enough to be able to afford insurance or have it provided by their employers.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Alternative Movie Review

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Alternative Movie Review


By Gary Guy


Homeland Security Caught Monitoring Occupy Atlanta Protests

Over the past month protesters have noticed strange men hovering around Occupy Atlanta related protests and filming the events. It's not unusual for lots of cameras to be present at these events, but these people stood out. It was very obvious that they were with law enforcement.

One officer in particular had initially refused to identify himself, but after a nod from white-shirt APD officer C.W. Moss he eventually identified himself as James Hodge (see photo).

'People Power' Pries Abu-Jamal from Punitive Administrative Custody

From ThisCantBeHappening.Net: He’s out! Credit ‘people power’ for getting internationally known inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal sprung from his apparently punitive, seven-week placement in ‘The Hole.’ For the first time since receiving a controversial death sentence in 1982 for killing a Philadelphia policeman, the widely acclaimed author-activist finds himself in general population, a prison housing status far less restrictive than the solitary confinement of death row.

Pictured: Public pressure to release Mumia Abu-Jamal from the "Hole" trumped the pressure from those trying to keep torturing him (photo by Linn Washington)

Diversified Urban Farm Opens Farm Store in 2012

Frijolito Farm, one of Columbus’s few diversified urban farms, continues to evolve to overcome the challenges of small scale urban farming.  2012 includes opening a farm market store and offering gift cards.

Read the story on the Farm Blog:

Things get rough as Occupy DC besieges ultra-rich Alfalfa Club at Hilton

On the 28th of January, roads around 16th and K sts were barricaded by the cops to secure the "Alfalfa Club" a hard-drinking party for the ultra rich. The party is named for the crop's heavy water consumption. Attendees included most of the Bush family, and yet Obama also attended in spite of that. Occupy DC marched on the barricades, making it difficult for the wealthy to pass if they picked the wrong entry checkpoint. Read More | Vidio of the protest featuring more of the high points and some of the police violence

Occupy Oakland battles cops but winning workers is what will scare the 1%

Occupy Oakland battles cops but winning workers is what will scare the 1%