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United States Of America Unworthy To Defend

After two decades of criminal assaults on my person by fbi/cia assassins, here is the succinctly written culmination of my reports to the global population:

To be clear, the United States of America is unworthy of the service of any human being in any capacity because the fbi/cia/dod, etc., have violently overthrown the government here by a silent coup (involving covert torture, forced suicide,murder) and this corrupt nation in its efforts to defend is also seen globally as a murderous fraud and a macabre 'agent of evil' on the world.



The Benghazi Brigade - Manipulating an Election

Joseph Nasrallah Abdelmasih is the guy legally responsible for Media for Christ, the outfit that produced the trailer without a film known as Innocence of Muslims. He is very close to one Morris Sadek (lives near Langley) who is the guy that plugged the incendiary trailer all over the place in the days preceding September 11, 2012. Abdelmasih has done a lot of Islamophobic "activism" like saying, at a Ground Zero Mosque rally, that it would go up over his dead body. So, we have one guy making the film and generating anti-Muslim sentiment here at home and his buddy out there, dutifully, fanning the flames of anti-American and anti-Christian and (scapegoating an Israeli for the film-not-film) anti-Jewish sentiment abroad. Why, then, has the media ignored these two figures?

The Demonization of Dissent in the United States

The Demonization of Dissent in the United States

By William Wraithwrite


Third Hand Post Critical Mass Halloween Bash - Oct. 26

Third Hand Bicycle Co-op is holding a post critical mass Halloween party this Friday, October 26, 2012 at their new building, 979 East Fifth Avenue.

Facebook Event

Critical Mass will start at 5:30pm at the Statehouse lawn (Broad and High) and end up at Third Hand for the party.

From the event flyer:

Come one, Come all. Costumes highly encouraged for you and your bike. Party starts at 7pm.

Sheriff Arpaio’s Police State of Arizona under fire in U.S. 9th Cir. Court

Arpaio’s thugs take the Arizona police state to a new, very criminal, high.

Occupy GMO Candidate Protest Coming October 17th


On Wednesday, October 17, one month after the commencement of the Occupy Monsanto Global Week of Action, we are calling for Occupy Monsanto GCU Field Agents across America to stage Decontamination Events at your nearest campaign office of Romney or Obama. For GCU Field Agents located outside of America, we suggest staging another demonstration at your nearest Monsanto facility or symbol of American toxic agriculture.

Why? Both presidential candidates are avoiding the GMO issue because both candidates tak
e money from Monsanto. Therefore its up to us to force them to take a position on GMOs.

Is it Too Late to Prevent Climate Catastrophe?

Is it too late?

In a round-about way, the new paper put out by the U.K. Met Office, the Walker Institute, the Tyndall Centre, and the Grantham Institute on August 8, 2012 entitled, "Development of emissions pathways meeting a range of long-term temperature targets" suggests it is.

Sporeprint Infoshop is Alive and Well

There's a lot going on in Columbus, Ohio.

If you'd like to find out what's going on, meet new people, support a local radical community, hold your meeting, book club, study group or other event, borrow radical (and not so radical) books, or just spend time hanging out, the Sporeprint Infoshop is a great place to do it.





97% of the Most Active Climate Scientists Agree

Some of you may have heard me talk about or read something I've written where I mention that most climate scientists agree on the signficance and potential destruction due to climate catastrophe.

When I write that, I think to myself it's probably around 60 - 80% of climate scientists. That's good enough for me to realize that we need to eradicate capitalist economic relationships and make sure everyone has:

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