BREAKING: Unelectable Hillary’s Latest CNN Publicity Stunt

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International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL -- reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the controlled MSM cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

As We Continue to Identify the Enemies of the
American Republic and the American Revolution
in the 21st Century and Annihilate Them

December 1, 2007


By Tom Heneghan
TRAITOR and Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate partner
UNELECTABLE Hillary lesbian IN-THE-CLOSET Rodenhurst Clinton

It can now be reported that Lee Eisenberg, the individual who strapped harmless flares to his waist and allegedly held unelectable CLOSET lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton's campaign office staff hostage, actually had called the CNN network on 55 occasions over a period of five years.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

After experiencing Oklahoma City, 9/11, Columbine, White Star 2002 and the 1998 lone wolf shoot 'em ups in the Washington beltway, this latest incident at Hillary's campaign office smells of a MKultra-Colonel Dana Wilcox black ops publicity stunt.

Related: Declassified MKULTRA Project Documents, page 1

Reference: The White Star 2002 shoot em ups outside Washington D.C were staged assassinations by the MKultra group in advance of the 2002 Congressional election.

Reference: The 1998 shoot 'em up of Tom DeLay's office at the Capital building in Washington D.C. was done by a MKultra operative, i.e. the "lonewolf" as an attempt to scare and intimidate Delay in advance of the Bill Clinton impeachment trial.

Item: DeLay was aware of the Bush-Clinton "TRUE COLORS" assassination teams manuscript.

In the strange world of the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate occupation group there are NO coincidences.
TRAITORS Bushfraud and Paulson
TRAITOR and MOSSAD agent Michael Chertoff

Over the past week, once again, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Department of Homeland Security GESTAPO chief, MOSSAD agent Michael Chertoff invoked the Patriot Act to block repatriation of billions of dollars of U.S. TAXPAYERS' money, i.e. the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds back to the U.S. Treasury.

These funds have a paper trail that reach back to the Mujahideen-CIA Osama bin Laden custodial accounts that were originally used to finance United States and French Intelligence operations against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

The custodial accounts were then used by both U.S. and French Intelligence to destabilize the Russian ruble and bankrupt the East German Secret Police, i.e. the East German DVD.

These funds have for years been held hostage by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family with the theft and looting of the accounts stationed in Switzerland.
Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate bagman and
ILLEGALLY pardoned fugitive Marc Rich

It goes back to the failed attempt by Leo Wanta, Vernon Walters, Vince Foster, Francois Mitterrand, William Sessions, and then Vice President Albert Gore Jr. to arrest Marc Rich.

Reference: Vince Foster was then, of course, assassinated at the time of the failed Marc Rich arrest attempt, while Leo Wanta was kidnapped and held hostage in a Swiss dungeon.

Again, folks, there are NO coincidences.

The recent transfer of $8 BILLION from Saudi Arabia to CitiBank in New York City coincided directly with the refusal of CitiBank to honor the terms of Ambassador Leo Wanta's repatriation of TAXPAYERS' funds due the U.S. Treasury, i.e. the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.

Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate partner daddy Bush:


The custodial funds due the Wanta group and U.S. TAXPAYERS are being held at none other than CitiBank.

The $8 BILLION sent to CitiBank was then co-mingled with the Wanta funds to create more derivatives and short term bridge loans to support the U.S. stock market and the financial balance sheets of the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Again, there are NO COINCIDENCES.

Since Osama bin Laden's estate still has an account at CitiBank and the Wanta custodial accounts are held at the same institution, it should come as no surprise that the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate decides to release another BOGUS Osama bin Laden tape recording coinciding with all of this financial chicanery at CitiBank.

As we have reported for years now, Osama bin Laden is dead of kidney failure in December of 2001, or earlier. He actually received dialysis treatment in July of 2001 at a CIA hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

His death certificate published by various Egyptian newspapers is currently held under National Security decree by French Intelligence.

It is crystal clear that the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate elite need to pretend that Osama bin Laden is alive in order to not only perpetuate a phony war on terror but continue to use National Security and the Patriot Act as a vehicle to continue to freeze U.S. TAXPAYERS' custodial funds, i.e. the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols due the American People.

How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants and kings and notable queens!

So folks lets spell this out in the simplest terms. If 9/11 patsy Osama bin Laden is declared dead, as he is, our current Bush-Clinton occupation government can no longer restrict the payments to Wanta and can no longer use these funds for the purpose of worldwide financial manipulation and financial control of the U.S. media.

Question: Do you think some of this manipulated Osama bin Laden money might have been used to purchase BOGUS polls for the unelectable CLOSET lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton?

P.S. Direct message to Robert Kennedy Jr.: Your endorsement of this PRO war, MOSSAD agent, Khazarian Jew, Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, is unacceptable.

As reported earlier this week, a major aspect of the cover up of President Kennedy's assassination in November of 1963, was the failure to follow up on the phone calls made by Karyn Kupcinet to her father Irv and the Los Angeles FBI warning of the assassination that was about to take place in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963.

It can now be reported that the Warren Commission ignored this evidence, and years later, the Watergate panel investigating the impeachment of Richard M. Nixon came across these phone taped recordings of Karyn Kupcinet's warning of the impending assassination.

We can now reveal that Karyn Kupcinet's sources at the Los Angeles British Consulate who warned her of the impending assassination were British MI6 agents who had been monitoring the activities of both Howard Hughes and E. Howard Hunt.

Note: These British agents may also have been double agents for French Intelligence.

And, it gets worse!

It was then unelectable Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton and homosexual IN-THE-CLOSET Fred Thompson, both on the Watergate Nixon impeachment panel, who covered up and stopped a further investigation of the Karyn Kupcinet Los Angeles, California assassination warning tapes.
TRAITOR Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate partner
daddy Bush at President Kennedy's assassination
President John F. Kennedy
at Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas on
November 22, 1963

So you see folks, when it comes to this gang of filth running our country all roads lead back to Dealey Plaza and November 22, 1963.

P.S. Now being looked at is a Newsweek magazine slush fund with secret accounts in Switzerland and Luxembourg tied to bribes and pay offs made to both CLOSET homosexual Newsweek magazine editor Jon Meacham and his stooge, Khazarian Jew and MOSSAD agent Jonathan Alter.

The bribes and pay offs are tied to the orchestration of the unelectable Hillary and Obama 2008 campaign fix.

Wire transfers to Switzerland and Luxembourg have been traced to none other than CitiBank in New York City.

So at this hour, live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution in the 21st century and annihilate them.
NSA in Ft Meade, Maryland

The image .The image
ILLEGAL, UN-Constitutional Wiretapping
"There are no hereditary kings in America."
--U.S. District Judge Anne Diggs Taylor

NOTICE: Occasionally the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate controlled NSA and FBI Division 5 invade this intelligence blog changing images, pictures and phraseology for the purpose of trying to keep you, the American People, ill-informed.

The image

GOP using Echelon software to spy on Americans; NSA bribing media

So be patient folks, every time they break the law we log and record. We promise you that we will continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution in the 21st Century and annihilate them.

The image
TRAITORS The Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate

As Al Gore contemplates a campaign for re-election, this TREASONOUS filth continues at this hour to threaten the family of the winner of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, duly elected, non-inaugurated President Albert Gore Jr., in an attempt to keep Al Gore, from running for re-election in the year 2008 Presidential Election.

And, of course, when all is said and done,
and you turn your TV off,

The Bush Family Crime Syndicate 2000 Coup d'état Theft of the U.S. Presidency:

- Bribed numerous judges on the U.S. Supreme Court
- Bribed, coerced election officials in Florida
- Intentionally created a confusing "Butterfly Ballot"
- Utilized Choice Point software to ILLEGALLY disenfranchise over 50,000 African American voters
- Thugs harassed and intimidated Miami re-count
- And more…, click below:

Coup d'état Theft of the U.S. Presidency

A blacklist burning for Bush,6903,409137,00.html

What really happened in Florida? 16/2/01 by Greg Palast

"Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election"

Florida's Flawed "Voter-Cleansing" Program

The Great Florida Ex-Con Game

The image

International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL -- reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the controlled MSM cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

*** A REMINDER: Homosexual gays and lesbians who are "IN-THE-CLOSET" are a MAJOR threat to National Security being vulnerable to blackmail and extortion by self-serving, hostile entities against the safety, security, sovereignty and best interests of the American People.

CLARIFICATION: Patriotic, God-loving, peaceful Jewish People are NOT the same as the WAR-MONGERING ZIONIST KHAZAR JEWS


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The next vote should be cast

The next vote should be cast globally, by each and every human being alive on the face of the earth, as though one nation encompasses all ; the issue to be decided may be framed somewhat as follows: Please vote 'Yes' or 'No' to the following proposition:
End by moratorium all war/conflict/violence on earth now and for all times , with no exception, no strings attached, and no room for negotiations.

Each person must let his/her vote be made public and each child is given the vote of "Yes" by the universal recognition that if not corrupted by parents, teachers and governments no child would vote in favor of torture, imprisonment, death, or war.

Please remember that our Maker (& Sons and Daughters of the Holy Spirit)
require that each of us, consistent with our capacity and experience, stand up to and intellectually confront with love in our hearts and with a brave soldier's resolve, those persons who torture, imprison or kill our Brothers and Sisters everywhere on this earth; we may not,for the most part, simply hide under the image of the Great One whom we pretend to worship and thereby presume to live eternally in God's graceful company.

At the time I was in Los

At the time I was in Los Angeles, California, Bill and Hillary were aware (by virtue of my letters to them and my website) that the fbi was terrorizing me as I have documented. The Two frauds (Hillary and Bill) had dinner one night in a plush Beverly Hills restaurant, as I passed by
wondering how my country, my president, my people could permit my cries for help to go unanswered. Today, I ask for no assistance, especially from the nation's officials. Any Questions !

Speaking of Bill Clinton: It

Speaking of Bill Clinton:

It is opined that Bill Clinton committed racist hate crimes, and I am not free to say anything further about it.

Respectfully Submitted by Andrew Y. Wang, J.D. Candidate
B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
Messiah College, Grantham, PA
Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993

(I can type 90 words per minute, and there are probably thousands of copies on the Internet indicating the content of this post. Moreover, there are innumerable copies in very many countries around the world.)
“If only it were possible to ban invention that bottled up memories so they never got stale and faded.” Off the top of my head—it came from my Lower Merion High School yearbook.

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