Massive Bush-Clinton Political Whore Alert – Hillary Lesbian Finance Scandal

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*** A REMINDER: Homosexual gays and lesbians who are "IN-THE-CLOSET" are a MAJOR THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY being vulnerable to blackmail and extortion by self-serving, hostile entities against the safety, security, sovereignty and best interests of the American People.

As We Continue to Identify the Enemies of the
American Republic and the American Revolution
in the 21st Century and Annihilate Them

December 26, 2007


By Tom Heneghan
UNELECTABLE lesbian IN-THE-CLOSET Hillary Clinton

Today folks we are going to report news that you need to know in advance of the Iowa caucus scheduled for January 3rd.
Lisa Myers, NBC News

See previous intelligence briefing:

Myers takes her orders directly from former NBC News anchor and Bush-Clinton Crime Family surrogate Tom Brokaw.
Tom Brokaw, NBC News and FBI Division 5 Bush-Clinton Crime Family Surrogate

Brokaw runs an FBI Division 5 front company in Denver, Colorado known as the William Morris Agency.

It can now be reported that Lisa Myers and NBC News are sitting on a new financial scandal involving unelectable CLOSET lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.
Hillary Clinton with INDICTED Norman Hsu
FBI investigators are now looking at a campaign finance scandal, which ties noted Clinton Chinese fundraiser Norman Hsu to a money laundry in the Cayman Islands.

And, it gets worse!
CLOSET lesbian Hillary Clinton with her CLOSET lesbian whore and Israeli MOSSAD asset Huma Abedin
CLOSET lesbian Hillary Clinton with CLOSET lesbian and Israeli MOSSAD asset Huma Abedin behind her on the left
Lesbian IN-THE-CLOSET Hillary Clinton with her lesbian lover Huma Abedin in sunglasses behind man on right?

Millions of dollars of Hillary's campaign donations have disappeared and have not been accounted for, have found their way into the personal accounts of Hillary's current lesbian lover Huma Abedin. See:

Hillary's Latest Lesbian Lover Huma Abedin
CLOSET lesbian lovers Israeli MOSSAD asset Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton

FBI investigators are looking into a $649,000 condominium purchased by Abedin when she receives a salary of only $28,000 a year.

Wire transfers out of the Cayman Islands into Abedin's CitiBank account are now under inquiry.
CLOSET lesbian Hillary Clinton's lesbian whore and Israeli MOSSAD asset Huma Abedin

Clearly Hillary has a new whore who is living the high life thanks to the political contributions made to UNELECTABLE Hillary.
Bill Clinton and Vinod Gupta

Note: The FBI is also looking at travel records showing Hillary's lesbian lover Huma Abedin being flown to Aspen and wined and dined on the personal expense card of Vinod Gupta; Hillary's personal bought and paid for pollster, i.e. InfoUSA's Opinion Research Corporation in partnership with CNN issuing BOGUS polls favoring Hillary.

P.S. Do not believe that John McCain is surging whatsoever in the Republican primary.

It is actually Ron Paul that is surging.

The corrupt American ZIONIST-controlled media continues to lie.

Plus, it was UNELECTABLE Hillary and her bagman MOSSAD asset and Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell that produced the 527 ad in which Senator Obama was allegedly attacked by Senator Edwards.

So once again folks, Hillary is playing her dirty trick card.

One last note: Story developing on the destroyed 9/11 CIA tapes, the American-Turkish Council, Henry Kissinger, UNELECTABLE Hillary and Bush's trip to Israel.

See background intelligence briefing:


As previously reported for many years and again more recently:

Hillary's Latest Lesbian Lover Huma Abedin Plus Bush's Three-Way Sexual Trist with Victor and Vicki

Note: In December of 1994, after the unelectable Hillary blew out the Democratic majority in Congress, then Vice President Gore's wife, Tipper, punched out the lesbian First Lady Hillary after Hillary decorated the White House Christmas tree with satanic symbols and deviate sexual ornaments.

This confrontation eventually led Hillary to criminally obtain and possess the FBI files of both Al and Tipper.


Hillary's Christmas Tree: Condoms - Crack Pipes and Sex Toys

"Gary, come here, look at this!" It was a mobile of twelve lords a-leaping. They were leaping all right. The ornament consisted of tiny clay male figurines. Each was naked and had a large erection. My friend said, "Whoops!" and he dropped it on the floor. Then, "Oh, no," as he stomped on it. He joked, "Man, I hope I don't get in trouble with Hillary for that!"

Some of the ornaments were silly and some were dangerous, like the crack pipes hung on a string. We couldn't figure out what crack pipes had to do with Christmas no matter how hard we tried, so threw them back in the box. Some ornaments were constructed of various drug paraphernalia, like syringes, heroin spoons, or roach clips, which are colorful devices sometimes adorned with bird feather and used to hold marijuana joints.

Two turtle doves became two figurines that had the shells of turtles but the heads of birds; there were many of these. Four calling birds were—you guessed it—birds with a telephone, and there were at two miniature phone booths with four birds inside using the telephone. There was a partridge in a pear, without the tree—a clay pear with a partridge head sticking out of it. Three French hens were French kissing in a menage a trois. So many of the ornaments didn't celebrate Christmas as much at they celebrated sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Several of the birds had dark glasses and were blowing saxophones…

I went over to one of the tables I hadn't looked at yet. What's this? Of course. Two turtle doves, but they didn't have shells this time—they were joined together in an act of bird fornication.

I picked up another ornament that was supposed to illustrate five golden rings. One of the male florist volunteers grabbed my arm and laughed and laughed…

I was holding were sex toys known as "cock rings"—and they had nothing to do with chickens.

Another mystery ornament was the gingerbread man. How did he fit into The Twelve Days of Christmas? Then I got it. There were five small, gold rings I hadn't seen at first: one in his ear, one in his nose, one through his nipple, one through his belly button, and, of course, the ever-popular cock ring.

I couldn't believe the disrespect that these ornaments represented. Many of the artists invited to make and send something to hang on the tree must have had nothing but disgust, hatred, and disrespect for the White House and the citizens of this country, a disgust obviously encouraged by the first lady in the name of artistic freedom…

Here was another five golden rings ornament—five gold-wrapped condoms. I threw it in the trash. There were other condom ornaments, some still in the wrapper, some not. Two sets had been "blown" into balloons and tied to small trees. I wasn't sure what the connection was to The Twelve Days of Christmas. Condoms in a pear tree? …

Hillary's social secretary, Ann Stock, came down, carefully looked at the tree and its decorations and pronounced it "perfect" and "delightful." …

We wish all the readers of this intelligence briefing
a Blessed, Prosperous and Peace-filled New Year

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TRAITORS The Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate

As Al Gore contemplates a campaign for re-election, this TREASONOUS filth continues at this hour to threaten the family of the winner of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, duly elected, non-inaugurated President Albert Gore Jr., in an attempt to keep Al Gore, from running for re-election in the year 2008 Presidential Election.

And, of course, when all is said and done,
and you turn your TV off,

The Bush Family Crime Syndicate 2000 Coup d'état Theft of the U.S. Presidency:

- Bribed numerous judges on the U.S. Supreme Court
- Bribed, coerced election officials in Florida
- Intentionally created a confusing "Butterfly Ballot"
- Utilized Choice Point software to ILLEGALLY disenfranchise over 50,000 African American voters
- Thugs harassed and intimidated Miami re-count
- And more…, click below:

Coup d'état Theft of the U.S. Presidency

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"Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election"

Florida's Flawed "Voter-Cleansing" Program

The Great Florida Ex-Con Game

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Make special note of the pics and images they remove off these briefings.

So be patient folks, every time they break the law we log and record. We promise you that we will continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution in the 21st Century and annihilate them.


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