Stay Safe, Obama

Stay Safe, Obama
Andrew W. Griffin
Red Dirt Report
May 16, 2008

OKLAHOMA CITY – About four or five months ago, as Democratic Sen. Barack Obama’s candidacy was clearly ascending, several stories popped up suggesting that the Illinois senator could be in danger of being assassinated.
In fact, back in February, “assassinate Obama” was one of the most searched phrases on Google and there was no shortage of people commenting publicly on the topic, including an article in The New York Times.
And then there was CBS’s “The Early Show” host Harry Smith who asked Sen. Ted Kennedy, whose brothers were both assassinated, if he felt Obama, being “an agent of change,” and a threat to the establishment that he might be the target of an assassin. Kennedy opted not to reply to the question.
In April, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura telling radio talk show host Alex Jones that Obama was in danger, specifically saying, “Watch out, Barack Obama.” And then there was British Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing suggesting, “A black man in the position of president. They would kill him.” Just witness the racism in West Virginia during this week’s primary. Sadly, it’s still alive and well, in a state where the senior senator, Robert Byrd, was a one-time member of the Ku Klux Klan.

And now, with it looking like Obama may indeed be the Democrat’s choice to run against Sen. John McCain this fall, one wonders if the Clinton machine might not want to put a wrench in the works. Now, I’m not saying the Clinton machine would silence Obama or use violence, but there is an odd number of bodies six feet under in the wake of the Clinton machine. Ask Vince Foster or certain Arkansas state troopers. Oh wait, you can’t.
The point is that the Red Dirt Report is seriously concerned about Sen. Obama’s safety. An informal poll taken by The Red Dirt Report proves that many others have concerns about Obama and the fact that he is more visible and in more danger. His Secret Service detail clearly needs to be increased. I mean, Sen. John McCain was seen recently in New Orleans wearing a flak jacket.
We know Obama is not a fan of the war in Iraq and has suggested pulling out troops sooner rather than later. Many, many people in power have a lot invested in this war – just as they did during the early years of the war in Vietnam – and may find a way to prevent him from pursuing this. We all know that Sen. Hillary Clinton, who is slipping behind and more desperate than ever, is pro-war and willing to “obliterate” Iran at the slightest provocation. Talk about insane! No wonder she is the wondergirl of the neocons and Roger Ailes’ buddy, pill-popping radio host Rush Limbaugh.
Limbaugh really loves Hillary Clinton and his “Operation Chaos” is an effort to get his favorite pro-war senator back in the White House. I mean, look how good the Clinton years were for phony conservative Rush Limbaugh. And we have Limbaugh calling for street riots in Denver during the Democratic convention this summer. The neocons crave chaos!
And this week, former presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards has given Obama a ringing endorsement. One can only imagine that Hillary is freaking out over this development. She had to see it coming. One wonders what is really being discussed at Camp Clinton. It can’t be good, whatever it is.
In any event, Barack Obama, regardless of your political persuasion, needs to increase his security because I have a sneaking suspicion there are some very dangerous people who will not tolerate him moving into the White House.
Stay safe, Obama.