McCain Operative Republican Vote Fraud in Ohio Repub. Dominated 6th Circuit Tries to Suppress Democratic Vote
Over a dozen pictures of animal victims of Sarah Palin

Please circulate them widely.

Re the bailout, Henry Paulson when head of Goldman Sachs was also
president of Nature Conservancy and used that position to turn
Nature Cosnervancy wilderness shrines into cattle ranches.

Now he has made every taxpayer a supporter of animal slaughter,
since the tax money he is giving to big banks is being given to
banks invested in animal slaughter, vivisection, and the wars in
which animals are bombed.


The Worst Senators for Animals

Of the 35 Senate seats up for election in 2008, 23 are held by Republicans and 12 by Democrats.

Of the 4 main candidates Obama, Biden, McCain and
Palin, the latter 2 have the worse record. McCain
has bombed not only women in lightbulb factories but
water buffalo and many other animals in Vietnam and voted for their
bombing in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has had a poor
animal rights record in Arizona.

Pictures of dead victims of Sarah Palin

Elephants of the world have filed a lawsuit against the Republican Party over using them as a symbol.
Their spokesperson states that no political party in the US has
ever harmed them more than Republicans whose trophy hunting
ivory seeking idle rich pleasure jaunt safaris with machine guns
and aerial hunting candidates such as Sarah Palin have decimated
elephant numbers.
The long memoried pachyderms remember that Vietnamese
elephants as well as water buffalo were bombed by John McCain. They know that the party of petroplutocrats
chose them for their size to give the false impression
that Republicans, less than 25% of the population, have more power than Democrats.
Republicans have won power through deflecting people's attention to
illegal wars, through murder (Kennedy's, King,
Wellstone, Callahan etc) , through bribery and 20,000 kinds of tricks.

55% of the country is unregistered. Of the remaining 45%,3/5 or
60% are independent or third party (Greens, Socialists, Libertarians,
Constitution Party, etc.) . Of the remaining 18%, over 2/3 are Democrats.

The worst Senate candidates for animals are Inhofe, Chambliss,
Cornyn, Stevens, Gilmore. McConnell, Coleman, Sununu, Smith, Roberts

The class of 2002 included at least 5 Republicans installed
by Diebold fraud though their opponents were elected. Talent and
Allard are gone, and the other 3 in MN, NH, and GA
are behind in the polls.

Diebold installed Saxby Chambliss will lose his Senate seat
stolen from the victor Max Cleland in 2002 by Diebold.
Chambliss cosponsored Inhofe's legislation which criminalized
peaceful protests at slaughterhouses and laboratories. He
has worked with the CDC, Emory Univ. network of vivisectors. Please vote for Jim Martin
or your 3rd party candidate.

Inhofe, senator from Oklahoma, has temporarily killed
the 1st amendment, as he authored legislation to criminalize
peaceful protest at slaughterhouses, laboratories, and
factory farms. He has promoted the illegal wars in Iraq
and Afghanistan. Please vote for Andrew Rice or your 3rd party

John Cornyn, Republican war voter in Texas, with Dick
Cheney in Rolling Rock Pennsylvania at a posh country club
killed over 400 birds in 1 day, birds raised in cages and
released directly in front of them. Please vote for Noriega
in Texas.

Ted Stevens voted to club the Pribilof Island seals in the
early 70's. He has been a strong supporter of aerial hunting
of wolves and bears, as well as an advocate of oil
industry destruction of the ANWR. Please vote for Mark Begich
or your own 3rd party candidate.

Vote against Jim Gilmore in Virginia.
Animal rights activists will vote for Mark Warner over Jim Gilmore, the Republican who helped Smithfield build pig concentration camps in VA and NC and allowed Smithfield to pollute the Atlantic with pig waste and its pfiesteria, ecoli, and anaphylactic shock effects.

Jim Gilmore also committed acts of governmental murder as he executed prisoners.

"Smithfield has also a farm in Poland. The Polish government sold them collective farming land. The EU doesn’t act on ecological disasters because Smithfield is a Western company."

Norm Coleman needed both the death of Paul Wellstone in
a plane crash and Diebold fraud to become senator from
Minnesota. The neocon who has voted to bomb animals
is also a supporter of the brutal dairy industry.

Mitch McConnell in Kentucky has been the voice of
Kentucky cattle butchers and of Yum Foods, the world's
largest meat advertising restaurant conglomerate. Bruce Lunsford
is the Democratic candidate.

Sununu voted zero 0% of the time with the Humane Society
of the US. While the head of the New Hampshire Republican
Party went to jail for election fraud in 2002, Karl Rove and
John Sununu remain out of jail. The Libertarian candidate
will take away some of his votes. Jeanne Shaheen was elected
in 2002 by the people of New Hampshire and she will win this year. It's rare for incumbents to poll consistently under 45%
but New Hampshire residents are well aware of Sununu's fraud.

Mark Pryor, Democrat, has been bad for chickens.

In North Carolina, Kay Hagan, Democrat, is running against Elizabeth Dole
who voted only 40% of the time for issues of the American
Humane Assoc.

In Oregon, animal habitat destroyer Smith got a 12 million
dollar subsidy for wooden arrows in the big bankers' robbery
bill of 2008... both helping the Oregon lumber industry and
promoting bowhunting to children.

Both candidates in Colorado have been bad for animals.

Thad Cochran in Mississippi has supported animal
issues only 0% to 50% of the time
He has voted for the illegal and violent wars.
Erik Fleming is running against him.

In Alabama, Democrat Figures is running against war voter

Any candidate who supports the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan,
is an enemy of anmals.

In Maine, Tom Allen of Portland, Democrat is gaining on
henhawk Susan Collins.

Elephants reject their use by the Republican Party...
knowing that no political party has harmed them more than Republicans
with their tusk seeking idle rich safaris, their aerial hunting
Elephants know that their size was chosen to give the false impression
that Republicans have more power than Democrats.
Republicans have won power through Satanic murder (Kennedy's, King,
Wellstone, Callahan etc), through bribery and 20,000 kinds of tricks.

19 ways McCain's current wars are harming animals

War is war on animals too.
1 People animals birds are killed by bombs and rockets.
2 People animals birds are blown apart by mines of war profiteers .
3 Animals die on livetransport ships in wartorn ports after standing in their own waste, dying of hunger and thirst
4 Whales, dolphins, fishes, turtles, sea birds are killed in oil spills from bombing power plants. 15,000 tons of oil
have been dumped into the Mediterranean by the Israeli
bombing of a Lebanese power plant.
5 Animals die in military weapons research labs.
6 Animals die in military contract 'vaccine' research.
7 Animals are bulldozed (killed or backs broken) in zoos in wartorn areas.*
Animals are made minesniffers.. porpoises are electroshocked into being device carriers.
9 Animals are seized, slaughtered and eaten by armies.
10 Animals disoriented by bombs run away from their homes.
11 Animals are abandoned by refugees.
12 Animals are not allowed in to all refugee camps. The US Red Cross
after a worldwide outcry re its gunbacked separation of people
from animals has begun to change its rules on this.
13 Animal habitat (trees, orchards, vines, plants, watersheds) are destroyed by daisy cutter, bunker
buster and other bombs
14 Depleted uranium is giving animals as well as people
cancer, 81 times the average in Baghdad.
15 Animals as well as people have died as supply convoys
were foiled by bombed roads and bridges, and as
convoys have been fired upon.
16. Some abandoned animals are left tied up without war
and are dying of thirst.
17. Motorists racing to get out of bombing areas are
mowing down goats, cats, dogs, chickens, sheep on the roads.
18. US soldiers at Dugway Proving Ground and elsewhere
are told to hunt kill and eat rabbits and other creatures.
19. American soldiers drinking have shot
tigers and lions in the Baghdad Zoo.

Third Party Candidates


Ralph Nader did not oppose the Inuit whale slaughter.. he believes
the right of Inuit to slaughter is greater than the right of
whales not to be slaughtered.

is on the ballot in 2 states. He has opposed war. Animal
rights lobbyists cite his ethical opposition to supporting
animal rights bills.


Bob Barr has the support of many hunters.

Poster welcomes your additions and corrections.. this is only
an infinitesimal fraction of the data on this subject.

Retirements .. all Republican
Wayne Allard (R) of Colorado
Larry Craig (R) of Idaho
Chuck Hagel (R) of Nebraska
Pete Domenici (R) of New Mexico
John Warner (R) of Virginia
Opposed by Democrats and third parties
Jeff Sessions of Alabama
Ted Stevens of Alaska
Saxby Chambliss of Georgia
Pat Roberts of Kansas
Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
Susan Collins of Maine
Norm Coleman of Minnesota Diebold installed warmonger
Thad Cochran of Mississippi
Roger Wicker of Mississippi took Trent Lott's seat
John Sununu of New Hampshire Diebold installed
Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina 9 points behind Hagan
Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma the worst of all
Gordon Smith of Oregon a forest destroying and warmonger
Lindsey Graham of South Carolina McCain's lapdog
Lamar Alexander of Tennessee
John Cornyn of Texas mechanized killing of birds, warmonger
Michael Enzi of Wyoming cattle ranch pawn
John Barrasso of Wyoming
Democratic incumbent races
Mark Pryor of Arkansas
Joe Biden of Delaware
Dick Durbin of Illinois
Tom Harkin of Iowa bad for animals
Mary Landrieu of Louisiana bad for the environment
John Kerry of Massachusetts please end support of vivisection
Carl Levin of Michigan warmonger
Max Baucus of Montana livestock animal abuser
Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey bad for lab animals
Jack Reed of Rhode Island
Tim Johnson of South Dakota bad for livestock animals
Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia voted for war


68 Reasons to Defeat McCain
1. McCain who owns 13 cars was bombing women in a light bulb factory when he
was shot down. Those he was bombing saved his life. The
light bulb factory was one of 27 missions in which McCain dropped
fiery bombs of death upon the innocent Vietnamese. His father
coconspired with Lyndon Johnson in the black op of the Tonkin
Gulf in which the Vietnamese were blamed for ships mined by
Navy Seals. His father was in charge of all aerial bombing
of Vietnam from Navy ships. McCain was never strong enough
to separate himself from his father.
2. McCain has voted 92% of the time with the unelected G W Bush. Yet he claims to be the reform! candidate. Mavericks do not vote with their illegitimate leaders.
3. McCain's wars have caused millions of deaths, millions
of serious lifetime injuries, destroyed famlilies, bankrupted the US.
4. McCain's wars have caused the highest gas prices in US
history.. over double the price before the Bush regime seized power, the highest food prices ever, unemployment rates of
8 or 9% in some states.
5. McCain's wars have caused record foreclosures, evictions,
food lines.. more than at any time since the 30's before Social
The US regime McCain has supported 92% of the time is 'bailing out' with 800 BILLION dollars the
very predatory lenders who caused the record number of evictions,
foreclosures, food lines and homelessness in the US
6. While bridges and roads are falling apart, (and homeless
die under the bridges) Republicans are attempting to
reward the centimillionaire bankers and brokers who
have pricegouged others... with the taxes of the poor.
7. McCain wants to escalate the illegal violence in
Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan. He would be willing to
expand it to Georgia, Iran and Russia. He would be willing to
start W W 3.
8. McCain is the least likely of the candidates to protect Social
Security for tens of millions of Americans.
9. McCain has appointed a pawn of BP, Chevron, mining interests,
trophy hunters to be his vice presidential running mate. He is
the oldest man to run for president. A woman with no
experience he would put a heartbeat from the presidency.
10. McCain and Bush have more than halved the value of the US
11. McCain is a unionbuster, has outsourced American jobs.
12. McCain's immigration bill was sponsored by unionbusters
who wish to destroy America's middle class, drive up rent prices,
reduce American security.
13. McCain's policies have created megathievery by corporate
CEO's.. hostile takeover artists.. those who buy a company only
to raid its assets, pocket its pension funds.
14. McCain has a volatile temper, is not stable enough to be
15.McCain has many lobbyists on his payroll, including one for the illegitimate government of Georgia.
16. McCain said he did not know how many houses his wife owns.
She owns 10, is worth 100 million,
17. McCain operatives are seeking to deny citizens in many states
their right to vote Libertarian. Pennsylvania and Texas are 2 of
18. McCain operatives are trying to end early voting in Ohio,
after the previous AG of Ohio through massive fraud was a factor
in the illegal installation of Bush in the White House.
19. McCain would expand the infinite hazards of nuclear power
and nuclear waste.
20. McCain rated America's worst senator for children
21. McCain is lying about 911 and the neocon involvement in it
as well as about Osama Bin Laden.
22. McCain wants to keep the tax cut for the richest Americans.
23. Scored less than 40% in animal protection issues..
much less in animal rights.
24. McCain received a 0% environment rating from the League Of Cosnervation
25.600,000 Americans have lost their jobs just since Jan 2008.
26. In 1 day, McCain has flipped on the 85 billion dollar bailout
by the unelected agents of the rich (a bailout placed on the
backs of America's poor)
of criminally conspiratorial AIG, the biggest insurer in the world,
whose director was indicted by AG Spitzer.
27. It is a form of corruption for McCain to fly around in the
private jets of neocons Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch,
and Paxson, who attempts to militarize Christianity with his
tv programs.
28. McCain said in 1999 that flying the Confederate flag should be
left up to the states.
29. Though many studies correlate violent tv, music, video
to violence in children and teens, McCain wants no regulation.
30. McCain criticized $3M cruel 'bear DNA' study, but voted for it. (Nov 2007)
31. McCain voted to repeal a ban on treekilling animal habitat
destroying roads in the national wilderness parks.
32. While the children of the poor have been killed in Iraq
and Afghanistan as they were under orders to start fires
with bombs, the National Guard (overseas) could not put out
fires in many states. In addition, firefighting helicopters were
sent from the states to Iraq.
33. McCain voted to 'privatize' (let corrupt Wall St control)
US Social Security. Wall St. is invested in war, ecocide and
animal agony, and lost 950 points in 2 days in Sept 2008.
34. McCain repudiated the Swift Boat ads with which Harold
Simmons, Texas billionaire worked with neocon Sergei Brin of
Google through lies and fraudulent algorithms to spread disinformation and pop up 20 negative Kerry sites (neocon created)
to every 1 positive. Yet now Harold Simmons is once again
spreading his poison through the airwaves, this time with McCain's
tacit support.
35. No other country allows its right wing minority party to
control the voting machines. Diebold (now Premier) , ESS,
Sequoia Pacific, Triad and other 'voting machine' companies
are owned and managed by Republicans. These same companies
are managing the federal data base for national elections.!
God prevent fraud.
36. Another McCain flipflop: After many years of helping
create the present welfare for the rich called 'privatization
and deregulation' McCain with his finger to th wind
is supporting regulation
37. Since the Bush McCain wars began, college has been denied to
all but the most privileged or lucky. Student tuition has
38. McCain is the oldest man ever to run for president. He
has a melanoma which has resulted in 5 operations, poor hearing in 1 ear.
McCain voted against making a national holiday of M L King's
40. McCain denied the constitutional right of habeas corpus
of POW's to Guantanamo detainees.
41. McCain voted for the unconstitutional Patriot Act
which has allowed for the search of people's homes
and removal of their possessions without a warrant
.. without notifying them.
42. McCain campaign manager Rick Davis was paid 2 million by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae
43. McCain has 13 cars,10 homes, while millions of Americans
are living under bridges, in tents, in unheated school buses etc.
44. There is hypocrisy in socalled 'free market capitalists' like McCain
pushing poor Americans and the US government ever further
into trillions of dollars of debt (even while counterfeiting) , jeopardizing the only
retirement income of tens of millions of Americans.
45. McCain talks one thing, does another. He has often
supported the Goldman Sachs White House and Goldman
Sachs Treasury under Secretaries who were former Goldman
Sachs CEO's (Robert Rubin and Henry Paulson)
46. McCain has promised to protect offshore corporate
tax shelters while on a trip in Bermuda
47. The Republican EPA refuses to act to remove carcinogenic
rocket fuel perchlorate from the water of 395 US cities
48 McCain has publicly urged the Wall Streetification or privatization of Social Security
49. McCain has prevaricated about his cars, telling Michigan
auto workers he has always bought Americn. Only 1 of his 13
cars is registered in his name.
50. McCain has proposed a spending freeze on programs which
benefit America (health, education, helping the homeless etc)
but not on war profiteer industries.
51. With 26 years in Congress, some as chairman of the
Commerce Committee, McCain has been an architect of
the current meltdown with his constant emphasis on deregulation
(no cops to catch the megarobbers)
52. John McCain said the president he most admirers is
the unionbusting, tripler of Pentagon spending, Ronald Reagan,
who won the White House because of the Iran Contra treason of
George H W Bush, a culmination of the CIA's plan to destroy the
Carter regime by sabotaging his rescue mission helicopters etc.
53. The New York Times has written an article in late September on
McCain and his team and their ties to the gambling industry.
54. McCain in Derry NH in Jan 2008 said 100 years in Iraq would be
fine with him.
55. McCain would continue the 900 military bases and illegal foreign
CIA jails which have cost America's poor trillions.
56. On Oct 1st, McCain defended the Silverado buying up of bad assets by the govt. to bail out George Bush's son and his
fellow conspirators.
57. McCain operatives are trying to intimidate Philadelphia voters saying that if they
have outstanding traffic ticket they will be arrested on election day.
There are more empty homes than at any time since the US
census began recording data. hat an obscenity that there are people homeless while banks
hold onto empty homes.
59. McCain wants to tax people's health care coverage.
60. McCain has voted to give Exxon Mobil another 4 billion dollar tax break this year
(as well as other oil companies.)
61. McCain has voted 20 times against renewable solar, thermal, wind and other
clean energy alternatives.
62. McCain said he would refuse to sit down with the government of Spain.
63. McCain voted against the nuclear test ban treaty.
64. McCain voted not to cover millions of American children with health coverage
65. McCain voted to take a trillion dollar surplus and turn it into a multi trilliion dollar
66. Iraq and Afghanistan face many environmental disasters from depleted uranium to
cyanide. US soldiers are not immune.
You need not mention author's name if you wish to reproduce all or
any part of the above
See also:

Republican Warmonger Vote Fraud This Year and Past


As McCain's Ohio Republican operatives are trying to suppress
the vote with the majority Republican 6th Circuit Court in Ohio
.. one reviews the history

(In the Senate 2 Diebold installed senators are gone. Allard
and Talent. One ESS installed senator Hagel is gone. Still
to go, the Republicans Chambliss, Coleman, and Sununu

Remember Arizonan Nathan Sproul.. he threw away Democratic registration cards in 8 states He was a Rove Bush operative. He was indicted. He's still at it.

Who is Clayman? a Karl Rove operative who jammed handicapped Democratic
voter registration lines in New Hampshire and went to jail.
But the recipient of the stolen goods, Sununu, by Diebold
installed, went to the Senate while criminal conspirer Karl Rove
is now on fellow criminal Rupert Murdoch's Fox Network
and Clear Channel frequently.


Triple amputee Max Cleland, a former head of the Veterans'
Administration, won the vote in Georgia in 2002. But Saxby
Chambliss and Diebold prevented that. Chambliss
is the senator who helped Inhofe of Oklahoma outlaw the
1st amendment, forbidding peaceful vigils at any place animals
are butchered or tortured. Jim Martin is ahead of Chambliss in
the race.


2 things had to happen before Coleman could become senator.
Paull Wellstone had to die in a mysterious plane crash. Even
then, with Vice President Walter Mondale 9 points ahead,
Diebold came in with its evil pencils to create a phony win
for Norm Coleman.

What did the Jacksonville Times Union do in Florida? Printed a special
edition in the black community with false instructions on how to vote..
thereby disqualifying 20,000

Rove operative Ken Blackwell arranged that John Kerry's name was absent
from absentee ballots. He shut down Toledo Democratic precincts for no number
2 pencils. He locked out Democratic observers in Warren so Diebold, whose
headquarters was 20 miles away, could go to work. He undermachined and
undermanned the entire state.

Now McCain operatives are trying to suppress the vote in Ohio, Texas,
PA and many other places.. trying to get Libertarians kicked off the ballot.

As Republican warjocks and chickenhawks talk about ACORN
we remember that Hagel's own company Election Systems and Software
installed him though he did not win. ESS was as fraudulent
as Diebold, Sequoia Pacific, and Triad.


Now Senator Thune's thugs intimidated Native Americans
at registration and voting places. Writing down their license
numbers and physical intimidation were 2 of their many techniques.


In a second mysterious plane crash, Mel Carnahan, charismatic
Democratic governor died. Even then Diebold was necessary
to force fraudulently both Ashcroft and Jim Talent on Missourians.


McCain operatives were foiled as they tried to get Libertarians
off the ballot


McCain and Cornyn operatives have been harrassing Libertarian

Vote for peace. Vote Democratic.