Dave Mahoney Pleads Guilty to Assault; State Drops Other Nine Felonies in Bargain

In a suprising turn of events to many, RNC activist Dave Mahoney pled guilty this morning to one count of second-degree assault.  30-40 supporters packed Judge Paulette Flynn's courtroom nearly to capacity, as Mahoney told the court he was guilty of the single assault charge in exchange for his other nine felonies being dropped.  Under the plea bargain, offered only a week ago after a months-long demonization campaign by the prosecutor that saw his charges increase from two to six to ten, Mahoney will likely serve a maximum of 56 days in jail and then be able to return to his native England.  His sentencing will be in the afternoon on July 9.

Copied below is a solidarity statement written and released by the Community RNC Arrestee Support Structure (CRASS).
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