Collapse in Copenhagen: Climate Justice Advocates Demand a Deal, But COP15 is a Meltdown

Civil society, NGOs, island nations and nations from the Global South all demanded a "FAB" - fair, ambitious and binding - deal from this month's COP15 climate summit in Copenhagen. But as the summit concluded Friday, the only proposals on the table were none of the above. Some world leaders remained at the summit well past midnight, hashing out a document many are calling a "COPout." Others, such as President Obama, scurried to the airport to escape the climate crime scene that is Copenhagen's Bella Centre. At 2am inside the Centre, dozens of people chanting "Climate Justice Now!" held pictures of Obama with "Climate Shame" printed across his forehead.

The mass movement for climate justice on the streets of Copenhagen was, predictably, met with brutal force by the Danish Politi. Even accredited delegates were savagely beaten back with batons while attempting to walk out of the Bella Centre. In response, a call for solidarity actions prompted demonstrations worldwide. In Minneapolis (photos), a small group marched for climate justice on Nicollet Mall Friday night, just before the start of the city's popular "Holidazzle" parade.

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