Activists Make Anti-War Presence Known


On Saturday, November 5th, The Ohio State University student peace-advocacy group AntiWar Columbus, alongside concerned community members, demonstrated in support of troop withdrawal from Iraq at the Gallery Hop in the Short North. Backed by banners with footprints representing the over 2,000 American soldiers killed, the group rallied for two and a half hours, encouraging passerby’s to take a closer look at the cost of war. Gallery Hop is a night each month that brings thousands of open-minded people to art galleries all through the Short North of Comlumbus.

The demonstration began shortly before 8 p.m. with a press conference and rally at Goodale Park, after which the group occupied both north lanes of Buttles Avenue and marched to the vicinity of Buttles Avenue and High Street.

One of the organizers from AntiWar Columbus had this to say about their message:

“We want to emphasize that this movement is not against the troops or their service, but in support of their well being and also of the well being of the Iraqi citizens. What we protest is the military industrial complex and the government’s elected officials which have exploited the courage of the soldiers by waging this illegitimate war.�

During the procession on High Street, over 30 demonstrators played drums and held signs promoting a healthy exit from Iraq and a stop to the war there. During the march as well as throughout the night, demonstrators used the bullhorn to tell Gallery Hop attendees about the costs of war. One reminded the bystanders, “2,000 American soldiers, 30,000 Iraqi civilians, how much more are we going to take before we stand up?? It has been two years since Bush proclaimed mission accomplished, but we don’t even have an exit strategy!�

After the march, demonstrators unveiled over 200 feet in banner that depicted a footprint, name and age for every soldier who has been killed in Iraq. Many onlookers spent time perusing the banner for names and ages. Most were taken back by the sight of such a huge manifestation of the losses the US has incurred.

This past October marked one of the deadliest months for U.S. forces since the 2003 invasion. The last week of October also marked another grim reminder of the heavy costs for the war in Iraq with over 2,000 service members killed to date. It took 18 months to reach 1,000 dead, but just 14 months to reach 2,000. It’s been nearly two and a half years since President Bush declared “Mission Accomplished� and he still has no exit strategy.

After demonstrating for 2 hours, the banners were rolled away, and the group, now over 40 people strong, proceeded to the southeast corner of the Riverwatch tower on High Street, where they celebrated, danced and cheered; jovial about their cause, and about the growing anti-war movement. The atmosphere was festive, encouraging everyone, including passerby's, to join in, which many did. The response from Gallery Hop attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

The group has had a presence at the last three Gallery Hops, and this memorial and speak-out is one of a series of future planned events by AntiWar Columbus.

Indymedia coverage of AWC at October Gallery Hop can be viewed Here

Footage of the dance protest can be viewed Here

To contact AntiWar Columbus, email:


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I have never seen such a

I have never seen such a positive demonstration before! Columbus is really behind AntiWar Columbus, and I am so excited about future events.

we rocked way fucking harder

we rocked way fucking harder than any of the boring liberal groups in the cbus. our action was a big "FUCK YOU" to NION, COPN, and all the RCP fucks beind all that shit.


I don't think that the action had any notion of a "FUCK YOU" to liberal groups. Infact, members of COFP, NION and RCP were present. And I think that Antiwar Columbus has worked with all three of those groups. It was heartening to see people with different progressive values executing a good event together. You shouldn't split progressive factions up more than they already are. It's silly make people feel unwelcome. Conservitave fundementalism is to what we should be unwelcoming.

Every Juice box I ever saw

Every Juice box I ever saw had a hole in its head.
I'm not sure about whether there were rocks in there
too, but whoever wrote the above comment IS a cement-head.
For a number of reasons I was unable to attend the
demo Saturday night. I was there in spirit, and I
would have found it interesting to watch Mr. Juiceboy
do his "rocking" thing.
We need to keep our eye on
the prize, which I believe is - to keep it short - the
dignity of ALL human beings - not just the few in
My feeling is that I should accept EVERYONE working
for that and reject morons like Juicebrains who work
to turn us against one another rather than against the
monsters of this world! Juiceguy either has a
compulsion to boost his ego by putting down those
closest to him or he's a right-wing provacateur.
Either way, he's a loser.
- Uke Man

Hahahahaha...oh man, i hope

Hahahahaha...oh man, i hope juicebox gets to read's too good. A "right-wing provocateur" huh? First of all if the right wants to say things on this board they don't hide behind names and statements like the above and they certainly do not know enough of nion, the rcp and other such groups to know that many of us in "the movement" are wary of such hierarchical control groups. I agree with your statement about being with people who are fighting to change the world, but if there is no critique of the left from within (and outside from the post-left) then where is the accountability we demand from our politicians ceos and cops? Without vigilance we have no stance brother. (or sister, though with the designation I'm sensing this is the ukelele man) So maybe juicebox could've made his statement less volatile but his sentiments are certainly correct.

"Are you feeling sad and empty; are there lots of things you lack?
Is your life made up of misery-then dump the bosses off your back!"


I agree
Not in Our Name, should be called Not My Group because no one is actually in it. They get all their shit from the national RCP guys.

At least people from COPN don't pretend, they're just boring.

Not in Our Name

[Comment edited due to homophobic hate speech]

Hey! Exactly right. This

Hey! Exactly right. This is the Ukulele Man. I'm not hiding behind anything. I don't know what you'd find if you googled "Juicebox," but if you google "Uke Man," you'll find me.

I'm all for critiquing - that's how we can improve ourselves - but how much information is in "Fuck you"? It's pretty clear that Juicebox (which, by the way, is anonymous as far as I know - is someone hiding?) doesn't like a number of lefty groups.

I thought the point of the demo was to oppose righty groups. It never ceases to amaze me that some folks on the left seem to get more fun out of bashing lefties than out of bashing righties. It's sad. That's why I suggested that Juicebox must have some ego problem. I mean, if he goes to demos to trash other people at the demo, what hope do any of us have?

The right, I'm certain, think that Juicebox and the Uke Man and COPN and NION and the RCP are all equally despicable douchebags. Now, I don't know what anybody else thinks, but we don't need people within our own ranks telling each other to go fuck themselves. Aren't there enough fascist pigs out there to monopolize Juicebox's attention?

I offer all of this as a "critique"; I welcome any other "critiques," supportive or critical - as long as they rise at least a little above the level of "Fuck you!"

Yours - Ukulele Man (yeah, it's me)

Stalin - Not In Our NameMao

Stalin - Not In Our Name
Mao - Not In Our Name
Avakian - Not In Our Name
Bohichik - Not Even Kidding (you wish)

The Uke Man gets mad respect. He's got something to say and fucking does something about it. Does George? HA! I stand by my comments and I'm sick of liberal bullshit in the cbus. I have much love for anyone actually fighting the fight. Spend less time behind your computer (i don't own one one, rich fucks) and more time in the streets. Then you'll have something to say besides leftist sectariant bullshit. THE END. fukrs

Don't Feed the Trolls

Don't Feed the Trolls.

Please use the comments area as a way to get something constructive done. Juicebox, you are accomplishing nothing by throwing your words around. So insignificant they seem, laced with explatives and superficial rationales. Don't you think it would be better and more effective to discuss how to further the movement. Were you even at the gallery hop? I don't remember seeing you speaking out against these groups there, so why do it now, on the computer behind an alias? If you have any ideas on how to not be 'boring'like the groups you name, i can certainly direct you toward some people in Columbus who would be interested. But until then, I think that the Editorial Collective should take off all your posts, personally.

Hey Uke, stop trying to bait

Hey Uke, stop trying to bait the juiceman into revealing sensitive information, he shouldn't have to reveal himself to a bunch of activists anyway..Hey juice, flame on!

You can't divide separate

You can't divide separate things...progressives and radicals aren't the same...if a progressive wants radicals under their banner they should be willing for the radicals to wipe their asses with it. For a radicalism without leftism!

For an alternative, try 'not activism'...not activism can help break the military recruitment while activism complains with symbolic chants. If the anti-war movement is to mean anything radicals occasionally must define the parameters of struggle and let the left figure out if they want to support us...not the other way. Unity under the left is consenting to their style of protest. Unity in radicalism is defined by sticking your neck out and building the banner from there. Start consensus with action sympathy, not idea sympathy.

Hey! I don't want to bait

Hey! I don't want to bait anyone. I'm sorry I wrote anything in the first place.

I go on the principle that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Juice seems to be the enemy of my enemy - that's cool with me.

I just don't understand why the enemy of my enemy has to attack the enemies of his enemies. He has every right to do so, and maybe that's the best course; it just doesn't make sense to me.

COPN and NION and the RCP are three very different outfits with very different natures - they are all, however, against the war and other things that most people reading this also oppose.

I'm an athiest, but I respect some Methodists I know who are the enemy of my enemy. Maybe I should trash them for being boring, conventional, meek and mild souls - and for being against more radical approaches that Juice and I might support; but I don't see what I would gain by trashing people who resist Bush, war, racism, homophobia, and fundamentalist theocracy just because they are not entirely like me.

In the end, I guess none of it really matters. As B.F. Skinner said, "It's an experimental question."
- Uke Man

My enemy is false

My enemy is false opposition.

Im simply wondering, trolls,

Im simply wondering, trolls, where are your sweet actions for us to get involved with? I agree with uke. I dont care if you're a slimy democrat pushing pro life and religion in schools. If you can stand next to me and do something about thie war, we can deal with the other shit later. I still want to know, was juicebox there at gallery hop? why werent you talking shit about progressives there, sour grapes?

Don't activity bait.

Don't activity bait.


I have been living underground in France with Johnny Depp and the other Hollywood liberals.

I think that Juicebox is a Christian Facist.

If you want to change the world you had better get to know me.

hell yeah! i am in total

hell yeah! i am in total agreement with that sentiment. being a radical literally means to get to the root and i feel the root of domination -economic, sexual, religious etc...- at least as a system rather then something this or that group or individual unfortunately gets into is in civilization and its domination of nature. the left doesn't question this because the left is humanist -with admited but RARE acceptions which are ALWAYS individual leftists and not leftist groups themselves- aka: they think that only humans are ultimately important or that we are more important then the rest of the bioshpere. misanthropy may be revolting to me but this is probably even more revolting in its way because this will cause us to ethier die off anyway (as opposed to risking die off by opposing this dynamic. yeah, i admit it is possible, especially in the developed world with its dependence on the techno grid and spectacle at this point but not so much in the undeveloped world...but it is CERTAIN, barring a sucsessful post-humanist project, if civilization continues and it will be much worse probably claiming AT LEAST all large mammles along with us) or else -say if transhumanism is viable- to become the ultimate tyrant and literally control mortality and the building blocks of all life such as DNA and so even if that doesn't result in disaster while attempting to be realized it will be a nightmare for the biosphere because our new comptuer/nano-machine/genetically engineered/cyborg...whatever existence will need to suck its blood like never before, at least in terms of initail experiments and starting the process up. so i haven't the time for the left and its visions tied to industrialism and the ideology of progress.

this doesn't mean i reject all leftist affiliated individuals, i have many friends who are leftists or leftist sympathizers. but i will not be part of the lefts projects like i used to be anymore then i would be part of the right, i am not going to sit through a lecture on why we need to accept the words of lenin or even kropotkin as some prophet anymore then i have time for going to church and worshiping some fictional tyrant in the sky who i would want to destroy if it existed anyway. domination is domination whether the intentions are frankly greed or whether they are benevolent as any school child will tell you (i myself was FEROCIOUSLY dominated in school in the name of "what was best for me" which is why i use that as an example). i think many in the left -example: leninists- may very well believe the crap that flys out of their mouths about creating and egalitarian society through a vanguard party but it doesn't matter whether they are foolish moralists or greedy oppurtunists: what matters is results and the results of their politics have always been forced labor camps, ecological devestation, and the police state just like the ones they supposedly are opposed to, the capitalists and their wage slavery.

on a personal note i know damn well what the vanguard does to anarchists if we help them on their revolution: thanks for your passion and commitment, here is a bullet through the back of your skull (or at very least an indefinite sentence in a labor/thought reform camp) as reward comerade (after which it turns kinda funny in a horrific way because they start doing the same things to each other). mhakno certainly knew about THIS though the poor fool decided in the end that he would suceed by out bolshevising the bolshiviks and thus we have todays platformist "anarchists" who follow in his tradition and look more like a bunch of leninists then real anarchists (though they may call themselves whatever they want, they just happen to be unanarhcist in my book because they don't fit my definition). it is too bad that so many anarchists put faith in the bolshiviks and codemned the propagandists of the deed, if they had listend to the warnings of the latter -and they had their own but they were two riddled with "but they are the lesser evil" ideas much like excuses for voting in a different context- then history might have played out differently...but who knows, what is done is done and we can only learn from the past while we deal with the present (but PLEASE lets not fetish it and ESPECIALLY lets not fetish individual figures and mythologies around them that came from it!). at any rate the the lenisit groups -i said groups, not individuals!- have proved just as hostile and just as much enemies of us anarchists as have capitalists whether they are liberal or conservative, the historical record stands as testement to this in spain as well as russia, though in both cases anarchists were far to trusting of alliances with various groups under one banner. i have yet to see these lenioids create a society that does not act the same way as capitalism except with different slogans, rationalizations, and institutional structures just like i have yet to see any form of technology that is not inherently parasitic.

now i share many goals of the extreme left in that i want to destroy capitalism and the entire aparatus of classes period (though i don't see class as some genetic thing as some of them can seem to) and also, like any anarhcist that is worthy of the name in my eyes, my affinity is with mutual aid, end wage slavery etc... i just don't share the vision of utopia that they have. rather i believe in chaos meaning not the random violence people attach to it but the fact that everything is symbioticaly interelated and yet very, very, diverse and because of this i think we should respect the biological form of interealtion but i have no time for the creation of political systems sense i seek to destroy ALL of them in the name of autonomy. if some groups don't choose to be anarchists that is their decision and they can live how they want but if they try to include me there is not limit to what i will do to stop them. so i will work with leftists or ANYONE on an person to person level -say, forming some sort of anti-hierahical affinity group more concerned with action and reality then empty rhetoric and constitutions and playing football with ideas for hours on end while the world burns- if our projects meet, if we wish to DO the same things and i will also be friends with ANYONE i find likeable as long as they never try to turn me into a vessle for something they have accepted but the minute anyone declares themself my leader, or that i need to accpet their group or chairman as the boss of my actions as an individual, or for that matter even if they thought i was a worthy memeber for their vanguard party, i will distance myself from that person (if they persist. they are welcome to talk to me about it but they should know when it is time to shut up due to futility and respect just as i do with them) and if i can't simply distance myself from that person i WILL become VERY violent if necessary which is a promise rather then a threat (kropotkin shoulda stabbed lenin through the heart when he had the chance rather then trying to plead with him! little tid bit for those who know their anarcho-history c(-;). at any rate i know what i want and who my friends are -whatever the hell ideology they have chosen to embrace- and i don't need documents or groups or slogans to tell me this as i am no fool. i want the negation of civilzation and i want autonomy and mutual aid and these are the ONLY projects worth fighting for to me though i may have friends outside them this is the case and struggles against imperialist wars or whatever are only part of the issue to me. they are a part i am willing to fight, they may bring me closer to my goal, but if they will or won't is up to my judgement sense they ask for my participation and if they try to force me they are making a very huge tactical mistake on there part. let the leftists do what they want, they have their own lives and can make their own decisions, but i will not let them define my struggle and will only work with who i see fit when i see fit to work with them.

Man, don't put Depp in the

Man, don't put Depp in the same category as Avakian. At least Depp doesn't lie about who he is and he makes films people like. Avakian just does coke off the asses of poor children.

"Are you feeling sad and empty; are there lots of things you lack?
Is your life made up of misery-then dump the bosses off your back!"

i was talking shit there. i

i was talking shit there. i always talk shit on the left.

- juicey juice

first of all people who say

first of all people who say such things as "if you want to change the world you better get to know me" are the ones who sound fascist, christian or otherwise. if we want to change the world to what? if we want to change the world to a world where people build giant bob avakian statues, celebrate chairman bob day, sing along to the bob hymn while follwing the bouncing bob, and get shot in the back of the head or sent away for thought reform for daring to say anything insulting about bob avakain. what you are promoting is not revolution but your own ego and you need to get over yourself! real revolutionaries do not go around trying to get there name on everyones lips or for that matter trying to convert people to some dogmatic program but rather they attack the systems which mediate our everyday lives and enslave us as well as decimate the planet. real revolutionaries do not give a flying fuck whether anyone ever knows who they persoanlly are: what WE give a flying fuck about is getting done what we feel needs to be done whether we do it in the midst of a large crowd of like minded people, i some small group we share affinity with, or all by our lonesome.

secondly labling juice box a christain fascist is a groundless charge. juice box was clearly stating what he/she feels is weak in terms of accomplishing the destruction of the system which causes imperialist war, albeit in a pompous shit talking manner. i heard no mention of christianity in the post whatsoever so obviously avakian is trying to create a scapegoat just like when he lables the goals of anarchists to be the creation of a petty bourgoise style society (no anarchist i know -ESPECAILLY not us post-left, insurrectionary, green, primitivist, anti-civ, propagandists of the deed etc...- has proposed that we should organize society based on small property ownership and master and apprentice guilds of small scale capitalism but rather we are opposed to ALL relationships of property which, like mutual aid, is kinda, i dunno THE FIRST PRINCIPLE OF BEING ANY SORT OF ANARCHIST!). a christian fascist is not someone who is going to claim that they rock harder at fighting this system then liberals and maoists but is going to be screaming support for this system unless they want to make it even more christian and more fascist, which did not appear to be juiceboxs aim (i am especially convinced sense i am like 90% sure me and juice box know each other...but enough on that as i have respect for security culture). or are we just simply using this term as a catch all to mean anyone who doesn't follow chairman bob, much like lenin labled the anarchists counter revolutionaries when they were and are the most serious of all about revolution.

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