Local immigrant rights advocates to march on Washington for passage of CIR ASAP reform bill

Immigrants' rights organizations are mobilizing for the Sunday, March 21 action in Washington, D.C. in support of CIR ASAP, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act for America's Security and Prosperity.  CIR ASAP offers a chance to reduce raids and deportations, provides paths to residency and citizenship for undocumented immigrants and creates a wide range of provisions for keeping families together throughout the immigration process.  What's more, it's a bill that treats immigrants as reasonable people coming to the US for reasonable and appropriate purposes, breaking with the usual US myths of immigrants as dangerous and other.  Naturally, it has the xenophobes and white supremacists frothing at the mouth.

Local activist groups Centro Campesino and the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network are raising funds to go to DC so that immigrants themselves and their allies can lobby directly for the bill.  MIRAc is hosting a discussion of the campaign on Sunday afternoon at 2pm at El Colegio Charter School. The bill is a complicated one, pairing citizenship opportunities for undocumented immigrants, labor rights and greater security for immigrant families with increased border militarization and closer connections between federal, state and local police.  

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