Four slots open on Civilian Police Review Authority Board; Are three already decided? City documents suggest that Mayor Rybak made his decisions before the public hearing!

On Wednesday, March 24th, the city will host a public hearing to choose four open slots on the Minneapolis Civilian Review Authority (CRA). The mayor is able to appoint three people to the position and the city council may appoint one person. For 2010, 15 people applied for these four positions including Dave Bicking, who wants to be reappointed, and has a strong backing from many in the community who are impressed by his work on the CRA. 
Recently, the Minneapolis Public Safety and Health Committee released a document announcing the public meeting. There is one important thing to note in this document – it appears that Mayor Rybak already made his three choices BEFORE the public hearing! For the 2010 appointments, the mayor has three selections and the city council is allotted one recommendation. The document clearly shows that the mayor (“M”) has three people assigned for his three openings: Dean Kallenbach a former endorsed DFL candidate for City Council, Alexandra Jasicki, and Arlene Santiago.  
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