With deafening silence, City Council fails to reappoint Dave Bicking to Civilian Police Review Board (CRA)

Despite widespread community support and a history of fighting for better police accountability, Dave Bicking failed to be reappointed to the CRA at the April 2nd City Council meeting.  Dave Bicking was seeking a 4-year term to the board that deals with issues of police accountability and investigates complaints against the Minneapolis Police Department. For his dedicated work, Bicking has the support from over 314 community members who signed a petition online or offline.

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on April 1st, the council listed four names for recommendation for the open spots: Arlene Santiago, Dean Kallenbach, Pramma Elayaperumal, and Mary Pargo. These candidates included two of Mayor Rybak’s pre-emptive choices. Dave Bicking was absent from this list along with other qualified candidates who also applied for the open positions.

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