IMC Meeting Minutes 8/21/05

IMC Meeting Minutes, 08/21/2005
- Introductions, etc. Present: Rob, Dan, Tim, Kenton, Justin, Jonathan, Patrice
- Read Principles of Unity.
Every one in group agreed to then.
- Read San Francisco’s Mission Statement (see last email)
Talked about what ewe wanted to see happen in Cbus. Listing of smaller events: Ex. Bike night, art shows, films. Micro Look at events: The white liberal voting-type issues aren’t the only thing happening in Cbus. Promote covering these other events. Network and coordinate IMC to be at these events. Also talk of converting a $30 CVS camera and pod casting.
Columbus Independent Media Mission Statement:
The Columbus Independent Media Collective serves to provide an alternative media outlet. We will work to:
Promote Diverse Media Coverage in Central Ohio.
Provide Links to alternative media, activist and research groups.
To cover event that are ignored or poorly covered by corporate media.
To network, coordinate, encourage, facilitate and support grassroot-based independent media.

- Next the Editorial process was discussed. Read San Fransisco’s:
Editorial Policy - Fundamentals
The newswire operates on the principle of Open Publishing, an
element essential to the Independent Media Centers (IMC) around the world. Simply put, Open Publishing is to news and information what open source code is to software. In practice, the Open Publishing newswire allows anyone to instantaneously self-publish their work on, a web site accessible from around the world.
People are encouraged to "become the media," to use their own skills and abilities of observation, writing, and creativity in posting text, analysis, videos, audio clips, photos and artwork directly to the website. The post is then viewable at the top of the Other/Breaking newswire, and will move down the list as more people post news.
The use of, and belief in, Open Publishing rests on several central assumptions:
* People who post to the newswire will present their information in a thorough, honest, and accurate manner.
* Readers are intelligent and aware, skeptical and inquisitive of the posts they read and videos they watch, and are able to distinguish for themselves what is content of value and what is not.

Editorial Policy - Administration/Categorizing
The editorial working group is reponsible for updating and maintaining several sections of the site, including the center column of the front page and various feature pages, and the newswire. While the center columns are compiled and edited by the editorial working group, the right-hand, open-publishing newswire is designated as an open space for publication of news, media, and commentary by reporters, participants, and readers. IMC is founded on the principle of open publishing. Reality dictates that the editorial working group will at times decide to hide posts and comments. This is not a decision that is taken lightly, however, and the editorial working group does its best refrain from hiding/editing. Our vision for the function of the newswire, and the general framework in which all decisions to hide/edit will be made, are as follows:
* The newswire is intended to be a community media resource, a
space free from spam and abuse in general
* That space will not contribute to the oppression of
traditionally oppressed and marginalized groups.
Members of the Editorial Collective are permitted to hide posts or
comments as long as that person's decision is based on at least one of the following three points:
* The post or comment constitutes abuse of the newswire (see note below);
* The post or comment undermines the Principles of Unity of the IMC; e.g., hate speech; or
* The post or comment constitutes a spam attack (see below) on the newswire.
Editors may make typographical, spelling or grammar corrections And formatting improvements and remove extraneous, false, illegal (threatening, libelous, etc.), or abusive (pornographic, etc.) material and hate speech, and particularly with regards to syndicated articles, are encouraged to do so. Explanation of any modification should be inserted in brackets, as appropriate. Editors may remove copyrighted material on request of the copyright owner. At any time another Editorial Collective member may dispute the
hiding/editing of a comment or post. Upon hiding/editing a post, the member of the editorial working group Who did so may also add a comment explaining the basis upon which the Decision to edit/hide was made. This is time-consuming, so editorial collective members will do so to the best of their ability. In addition, all hidden posts will continue to remain publicly accessible one click away from the front page on a page listing only hidden posts. The link to view all hidden posts is located at the
bottom of the newswire.
Pretty much agreed with is, but then we discussed how to make this work in Columbus.
We desided that the users will have the ability to flag stories and comments. Both in a positive and negative way. The positively flagged articles will be looked into for feature stories while the negatively flagged articles will notify the Editorial Collective that there may be the need to hide this.
The Editorial Collective will currently be comprised of all the members present at the meeting. As people with actual editorial interest start coming to meetings, this list may change. It was decided that one must come to at least 2 meetings and consensusly agreed upon for inclusion to the list.
Blatant Spam, double posts, etc. will only take one Editorial Collective vote to hide.
Flagged Posts/Comments will take 2 editors to hide (Until the editorial collective becomes more active and this can then be discussed further.)
The Editorial and tech collective will experiment with user editing options.
Then we discussed the site. We agreed that we would like our site to look like San Francisco’s, with the NewsWire on the right and featured story snippets in the center. We will look into Creative Commons options, a logo, and putting a user disclaimer somewhere until people get a free for what IMC is.