First, I want to make clear that though Cbus IMC is a media outlet, we have to work together to make sure it has media to coverage. Instead of just giving a new spin on stories covered by mainstream media, we have to keep in constant connection with people who are creating stories. Along the lines of any resistance, not much happens when it stays to close to one region. It has to go from citywide to statewide to national.

There are a few conferences coming up, as well as people all over the nation who are in need of help and media coverage (sometimes these come hand-in-hand).

Our Lives Ahead
An anti-capitalist conference in Indianapolis, Indiana from May 26-28. I plan on going this, anyone else who would like to go should email me. The conference is free, but they ask for help, food, etc. in exchange. I proposed the idea for a workshop on physical resistance to governments as opposed to "violent revolution".

Plan-It X Fest
Plan-It X is a pretty much non-profit record label out of Indiana. Their 2006 festival is in Bloomington, from July 5-11. Bands like This Bike Is A Pipebomb, Operation: Cliff Clavin, The Doorkeys, Defiance Ohio, Ghost Mice, Los Gatos Negros, et cetera are on this label. During the day, there will be classes. Lunch will be free, provided by either local kids or Food Not Bombs groups. During lunch, there will be a swap-meet where you can trade/sell goods. There will be punk shows every night. I think this would be a good place to do some networking, find out things going on around the nation, and hang out with other groups of activists from obscure places.

CrimethInc. Convergence
July 13-18, right after Plan-It X Fest, also in Bloomington. Everyone is meeting at the Monroe County Public Library. There will be games, guerilla performances, free market, bookfair, and workshops. There will be a bicycle race on the 13, before the actual convergence starts, and Plan-It X will also be having a punk show on the 16.