Anti-War Activists: "We Have Nothing to Say to a Grand Jury"

from Committee to Stop FBI Repression

Chicago, October 5th, 2010--Five anti-war and international solidarity activists from Chicago and Minneapolis announced Tuesday they are invoking their 5th amendment right to not testify in front of a Grand Jury investigation. Stephanie Weiner, one of those raided and subpoenaed spoke to 150 supporters at a press conference outside the Dirksen Federal Building in downtown Chicago, “This is an attack on the anti-war movement, but the strong response of our movement, where more than 61 protests in cities across the country, makes it absolutely clear that this is about more than just 14 activists in the Midwest. It is an attempt to limit the voice of anti-war, peace, and international solidarity activists.”  A similar protest happened at the Minneapolis FBI office.

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