Police Brutality Roundup: "False Reporting" Law Overturned, Taser Policy Changes

from Communities United Against Police Brutality--We are ecstatic to report that the so-called False Reporting law passed by the Minnesota Legislature four years ago has been overturned by the state appeals court.  You'll recall that CUAPB took the state of Minnesota to federal court to overturn this awful law, which criminalizes reporting of police brutality if the person can't prove it happened (and sometimes even if they can).  We lost at the very conservative 8th circuit federal court and have been in the process of mounting an appeal when this ruling came down from the state appeals court in another lawsuit.  See the decision (PDF) here.  The decision incorporates many of the First Amendment arguments we advanced, so we are quite happy to see the law go down for those reasons.  All-in-all, a wonderful decision for the community. 

In a nutshell, the decision says "Minn. Stat. § 609.505, subd. 2 (2006), which criminalizes knowingly making false statements that allege police misconduct, but not knowingly making false statements to absolve police, violates the First Amendment's prohibition against viewpoint discrimination."

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