2,000 Rally in St. Paul in Solidarity with Wisconsin Protests

by Jaime Hokanson--I've traveled to numerous rallies at the State Capitol in St. Paul; the vast capitol lawn usually makes me feel small in the shadow of power, anxious about finding "my people".  But walking up Cedar Street Tuesday afternoon, as I joined two, then 12, then many more strangers walking in the same direction--well, more than a February chill hung in the air.

Approaching the capitol steps, we spotted burly men with blue "POLICE" sweatshirts standing at the main doors.  While at most protests these guards would be there to keep the people out, on Tuesday they were members of the St. Paul Police Federation showing support for workers' rights.

Given this entrance, a radical tone was not what I expected for this rally--and indeed, the lead speaker was Minnesota's Democratic Governor Mark Dayton.  But what I heard upon first walking inside was quite a bit more exciting than Dayton's tired cliches: first, a marshal announcing, "There's still room on the 2nd floor," and then, what sounded like thousands of people singing the IWW anthem "Solidarity Forever."

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