Organizing Meeting: 10th Anniversary of Afghanistan War + Resisting NATO and G8

10th Anniversary of the Afghanistan Invasion
Call for a Midwest Regional Convergence

OCTOBER 2011 is the 10th anniversary of the United States invasion of Afghanistan―America’s longest war―the “good war” that President Obama counter-posed to President Bush’s “bad war” in Iraq. 

Few in this country or abroad now see the Afghanistan war as any better than the criminal war on Iraq, and the Wikileaks revelations have shown the deep cynicism and contempt for human rights that is the driving force behind U.S. foreign policy in every region, regardless of presidential administration.

As the Russians found with their own war in Afghanistan, the U.S. war there is bankrupting the country, with soaring military budgets and record deficits since 911, and the hollowing out of jobs-producing industries and social services.  Yet the callous response from many politicians to these problems has been to scapegoat working people – immigrants, teachers, and public sector workers in general.

It is urgent that people concerned with peace and justice begin to organize a genuine alternative to the broken promises and lies of politicians from both major parties. 

With that in mind, we invite all concerned with these issues to come to an open organizing meeting to begin planning permitted actions and alternative, creative actions to protest the 10th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.  As President Obama’s 2012 national campaign headquarters has been set up in Chicago, we think that it is entirely appropriate to host a Midwest regional convergence of actions here.  Also to be discussed will be making plans for the G8 & NATO meetings in Chicago in May 2012.

The 2nd open organizing meeting will be at 2 PM to 4:30 PM on Sunday, July 10 at the 8th Day Center for Justice, 205 W. Monroe Street, 5th floor, Chicago (wheelchair accessible).  Due to security arrangements for the building, participants are asked to arrive no earlier than 1:45 PM and no later than 2:15 PM.

For people outside of the Chicago area, we will have conference call capability for the meeting -- dial 218-936-4141 at 2:15 PM and enter access code 1077953#.

For questions or more information, please email