Consumerist Activism ? Harmonizing means and ends

 During the past few weeks, I've been resisting the urge to upgrade to a better camera and a better laptop. It's part of my attempt to reject the idea that I necessarily need to buy things to be more effectively involved in the community.

OSP Hunger Strike Enters Second Week

Monday May 7th, 2011, Youngstown OH- Prisoners at Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) continue the hunger strike they started on Monday April 30th, in solidarity with May Day. 
The number of prisoners refusing food has fluctuated from 24 to 48 over the last week, as some prisoners joined late. Communication with the super max prisoners has been limited since the beginning of the strike, but a clear list of grievances and demands has emerged from at least two sources. 
The two primary demands are:
1. Improved commissary practices and increased state pay. The prison commissary can set prices at up to 35% mark-up on basic necessities like shampoo, food, and soap.

Ohio Super Max Hunger Strike Continues and Expands

Ohio Super Max Hunger Strike Continues and Expands

Thursday, May 3. According to a level 5 prisoner participating in the hunger strike at Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) there are forty-eight (48) prisoners who have refused nine meals and should be officially recognized as on hunger strike. Warden Bobby refused to comment or return calls requesting information about the hunger strike.

The prisoner's demands include the following:
1. Lower commissary prices. One striker writes: "Commissary items are permitted to be marked 35% above retail, while many of us receive only $8 a month."

Cece McDonald and Trans Prisoners of Color in the Prison Industrial Complex

Cece McDonald is a 23 year old black trans woman who was with friends one summer night in 2011 in Minneapolis, MN when she and her friends were attacked by white people who were obviously racist and transphobic, based on a swastika tattoo and language used that night. The fight left Cece severely wounded by a glass to her face and one of the attackers dead.

Via Campesina and Allies Call for Global Solidarity in Fight Against Land Grabs

 As the World Bank promoted its Seven  Principles of Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI)  at its annual conference in Washington D.C. from April 23-26,  food sovereignty activists with Via Campesina, National Family Farm Coalition, and other groups called attention to the bank’s role in land grabs. 

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