Where Are All The Anarchists?

I've been thinking about the Occupy Columbus and Occupy movement lately and feeling a bit uneasy about it. So, I decided to attend a General Assembly held on Saturday, December 17 in order to determine the source of my uneasiness.

Turns out, the cause of my uneasiness was a general lack of anarchism.

"At its core, anarchism is indeed a spirit - one that cries out against all that's wrong with present day society, and boldly proclaims all that could be right under alternate forms of social organization." (1)

OSU Students Mic Check Gas Industry Panel at Ohio State

Around 40 Ohio State Students Mic Check and speak a little truth to power towards a gas industry panel at Ohio State.

Rally against SB 5 @ 5 on 5/5


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Program scheduled for 5pm-7pm

Ohio Statehouse

The referendum to vote out SB 5 is now underway.

Pastor Victor Davis delivered a call to action at the We Are Ohio rally, April 9, 2011 (video courtesy of the Columbus Education Association)

Anti-Fracking Demo at Ohio State

Here is video shot by our indymedia journalists, where they interview protestors outside of a pro-fracking symposium at Ohio State university.

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