Cops Impliedly Authorized By New Law To ***Kill Innocent Suspects


See statements from the killer cops themselves regarding their delight in the new law that impliedly authorizes them to kill their innocent suspects.


A new law by the US Supremely corrupt and cowardly court impliedly authorizes the killer cops (and the fbi assassins) to murder a fleeing, innocent suspect:


Capitol Closure Conflict Looms in Wisconsin; Solidarity Rallies in 50 States Held Saturday

UPDATE 9pm: No arrests are occurring tonight at the Capitol in Madison but police say they will evaluate the situation on a nightly basis.  The crowd is thinning out, but hundreds still remain.  In other news, one Republican State Senator has announced his opposition to Scott Walker's bill, bringing the number of new Republican no votes now needed to 2.  Read more at Fight Back! News or via our Twitter list.

French Students Mobilize: "Sarkozy, You're Screwed, The Youth Are In the Streets!"

From our correspondent in Paris -- http://www.internationalist.org/ 

Something New – High School and College Students Protest the Pension “Reform” – Why?

French Students Mobilize: “Sarkozy, You’re Screwed, The Youth Are In the Streets!”

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