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The Founding of the People's Library of Arawak City

Last Thursday (25), a red rally gathered around the Statehouse with a microphone. Wanting to continue the noise, this morning (29) citizens of Arawak City passed out yellow fliers reading "Where are the Libraries?" and "Missing: 227.3 Million Dollars in Library Funding." Good weather and free books marked the founding of the People's Library of Arawak City. Organizers encouraged the visitors to explore their new space. The result: readers lounging in the green grass, readers walking along the paved paths, and readers enjoying the air conditioning on the tile floor of the Statehouse Rotunda. Local media sources came to witness; passers-by asked questions. The only negative opinion of the new library came from a grounds keeper, who complained about the many bikes locked-up on the public benches. (The vote on the State budget has been delayed for another week.)

Arawak City Radio Tower - Episode 3: Hipsters!

The third episode of the Arawak City Radio Tower series from Studio Subvertista. Their project is happening at the Indymedia center, downtown, and is an example of the kinds of things you can do with all that elaborate video and audio equipment they've got their hands on. You can get your hands on it too, if you like, and make some videos of your own. The Indymedia people will show you how.

Son of Nun - Live in Arawak City

Anarchist hip hop by Baltimore based artist, Son of Nun, recorded at Café Bourbon Street in ARAWAK CITY. He appeared courtesy of a stop on his "Art of Struggle" tour with members of Albany, New York punk band, Broadcast Live. The tour performances are all at infoshops and free spaces throughout the midwest.

Race Down Walhalla

This is a video shot Summer 2007 of a bike race that took place on Walhalla Rd.

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