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World Press Freedom Day Brings Light To Increasing Number of Journalist Being Imprisoned


 Violations of human rights of reporters worldwide is on the increase.  To help bring about awareness of the problem on World Press Day, May 3, members of Youth for Human Rights Florida visited Tampa Bay media to get their signature on a petition to get the Universal Declaration of Human Rights taught in Florida schools.  Their objective is to bring about better understanding of the concept and importance of Freedom of the Press.

Being Subpeonaed by the FBI for Visiting Israel and Palestine

Being Subpeonaed by FBI for traveling to Israel and Palestine


Florida Youth Joins Human Rights Defenders at United Nations During Geneva Summit

FLORIDA – September 1, 2010 – Last weekend Youth for Human Rights Florida President, Dustin McGahee, joined human rights defenders at the 7th Annual Youth for Human Rights International Summit, in support of making the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights widely known and used.

Florida Youth Launch United Nations International Year of Youth

United Nations’ International Year of the Youth was kicked off by Youth for Human Rights Florida with a petition drive in the Tampa Bay area on August 12 through August 15, gathering over 500 signatures to get human rights taught in schools and reaching hundreds of kids with the human rights message.

Prison Abolition In Practice --Part two of an interview with Criminal Injustice Kos

By Angola 3 News

Focusing on the prison abolitionist movement, we interview two co-editors of an exciting new series at Daily Kos, called Criminal InJustice Kos, a weekly series "devoted to exploring the myths of 'crime', 'criminals', and criminal justice and the intersection of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, age and disability in policing and punishment. Criminal Injustice Kos is committed to furthering action towards reducing inequity in the US criminal justice system." Look for Criminal InJustice Kos every Wednesday at 6 pm CST.

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