human rights

Stop Ahmadinejad from entering United Nation

Iran Solidarity petition "Stop Ahmadinejad from entering United Nation"

Youth Sing and Dance Portraying Human Rights “Freedom of Expression” and “The Right To Play”

Skits educating the audience about Human Rights had people both laughing and thinking at the same time, as they were entertained by a message of the importance of Human Rights and the rights of children, with original skits as the opening acts of the Broadway Musical, “Annie Jr.” at the Francis Wilson Playhouse Theater, on August 8, produced by International Youth Theater for the benefit of Youth

Ofiong Sanders Imprisoned for Lurking

On May 7, Ofiong Sanders finished mowing the lawn for his parents. While that same evening, when he was finished with the yard work, he decided to go on a trip around the block exercising. Since living in a quiet neighborhood and a block a way from his home, thinking no one would notice.

NorthEast Anarchist Network: "Direct Action = Solidarity. Confront the Bankers in April!"

The NorthEast Anarchist Network is endorsing the "Self Described Anarchist Collective" and Global Justice Action calls for a diversity of tactics, including direct action, to disrupt the Spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington, DC.

Third Annual Human Rights Walkathon Celebrated by Hundreds across Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay - The Third Annual Human Rights Walkathon was held in North Straub Park in St. Petersburg, Florida, on March 7, 2009 and was attended by over a thousand people from all over the Tampa Bay area gaining broad support from the Mayors of St. Petersburg, Tampa and Clearwater with the City of St. Petersburg acting as official co-sponsor.

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