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AMP-Ohio Utility Headquarters Overtaken by Earth First! - No More Business as Usual for Environmentally Destructive Profiteers

Earth First! activists demand cancellation of proposed coal-fired power plant in Meigs County, Ohio

Columbus, OH -- At 11:30am Monday morning, about 100 Earth First! activists occupied the headquarters of American Municipal Power, an electric utility that provides statewide service to member communities.

As part of an ongoing series of direct actions, activists confronted CEO Marc Gerken and demanded that AMP-Ohio cancel its plans for construction of a new and widely opposed coal-fired power plant in southeast Ohio.

"COINTELPRO operations manuals" now posted

For people who are curious about the crime syndrome called "organized stalking and electronic harassment" (which is current-day COINTELPRO, actually), I have posted two spoofed "operations manuals" describing the crime accurately, with my best estimation of what the actual manuals would look like if we could obtain them.


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