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World Bank President Zoellick and the Slippery Currency

On the day that gold hit $1385.50/ oz, the Twin Cities community packed the Humphrey Center auditorium to hear of "Challenges Facing Global Economic Development."

On Wednesday December 1, the President of the World Bank Group, Robert Zoellick, faced the Twin Cities community and addressed global development issues in the format of a guided conversation with his friend, Vin Weber.

April uprising paper annoucements

Greetings from the SDAC,

How the World Bank Fiddles Statistics

I was forwarded the following article. It is about how the World Bank fiddles statistics
in order to make world production appear to be growing faster than it actually has
and, at the same time, underestimating the amount of poverty that exists in the
world, especially in India and China. This is not just some minor detail, since

The October Rebellion

Radicals of all stripes gathered at St. Stephen’s church and surrounding neighborhood in the Federal District last weekend for a series of workshops and actions related to the meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Workshops included legal and medical training to prepare low-risk participants to effectively keep tabs of those arrested and injured.

Oct. 19-21 IMF/WB actions update #3

Tear Down the World Bank and IMF! Raise up the resistance!
Mobilization Update #3

Global capitalism is facing unprecedented global resistance!
In the Philippines – activists picketed the Asian Development Bank on September 19 for their policy of promoting “aid for trade,” a means of bribing poor countries to accept unfair trade terms.

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