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Chinese entrepreneurship revolution: family business, finance, jobs, politics, leadership

essential business and politics book :

China and the new world order, by George Zhibin Gu

Reviewed by China Venture News, http://www.chinaventurenews.com

The subject of Chinese entrepreneurship continues to resonate with global investors and especially the venture capital markets.

We are and always will be the United States

I didn’t care for the first Obama girl video, but this one tickles me. Fish and live bait, heh. And that chorus is really catching. “Red states… and blue states.” That could be a hit.

Venezuela: No concentration of power is ever revolutionary

*As Chavez attempts to allow indefinite presidential reelections for himself by way of the approval of the Referendum for Constitutional amendment, anarchists publish this declaration, which is also the Editorial of El Libertario #55, January-February 2009 (now on line, in Spanish www.nodo50.org/ellibertario).

Video the Vote Traininf


There will be a video the vote training hosted by John Ennis (director of Free for All) at the carriage house behind 1021 E. Broad St.
Come and plug into the video the vote and do what you can to help protect the election.

Contact Email: 

Me likey bouncey

Gallup’s 3-day tracking poll for today shows that the R’s have halved the D’s advantage from an 8-point high 3 days ago to 4 points today. The 3-day released September 2 had Obama on top by 50-42% while today’s has it at 48-44.

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