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Iowa Anarchists Shut Down Fascists in Des Moines

More than sixty anarchists, antifascists, catholic workers, communists, and everyday people from Iowa City, IA; Des Moines, IA; Omaha, NE; and elsewhere converged in Des Moines on Saturday, November 20 to protest a scheduled ¨White Pride Day¨ rally organized by the American National Socialist Party based in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Nazis Control Nursing Homes Too!

Nurse: "Ahoy ye scurvy dogs!" "If you can't get along with our coprophagic homosexual Devil worshippers, we don't want you here! You won't last long here!" 6/5 Teaching Dumb Boy his Daddy's joke.

Underground film Hits record sales on Showing the Truth about WW2

A small film studio Cheney Films Company, Released Recon 7 Down. A WW2 action film. The film shows how bolth sides acted during the war. The Film can Be found on aswell as No large studio has ever shown War as it truly is. It's just a gripping film to see.

Bash Back! Update: Nazis to Protest Pridefest Milwaukee


The National Socialist Movement (NSM), A racist neo-nazi organization, has announced its intentions to protest Milwaukee's Pridefest the morning of Saturday June 7th. Coincidentally, Bash Back! Milwaukee had put out a call for radical transfolk and queers to come to Milwaukee the very same weekend.

Russian Food Not Bombs activist Timur Kacharava killed after they shared food


Food Not Bombs activist Timur Kacharava killed after they shared food

Student of St.Petersburg State University was killed on the main city avenue!!!

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