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Iraq War Veteran speaks about Operation Recovery in Columbus, Ohio


IVAW Organizer and Iraq war veteran Maggie Martin speaks about Operation Recovery to Central Ohioans for Peace

Click here to watch it on Youtube

Pat Tiberi is endorsed by the Columbus Dispatch Printing Company

Columbus Ohio residents were treated to yet more of the Columbus Dispatch Printing Company's 'fair and balanced' judgment; Pat Tiberi has gotten the local daily newspaper's endorsement for Congress.

Hopefully, the CD readers will remember their past 'judgment' of the printing company's endorsements, including George W. Bush for president in both 2000 and 2004 (when shortly before the 2004 election, even the Dispatch seemed to know better.) In the midst of this latest economic crisis, that presidential endorsement has shown where the loyalties of the Wolfe family media empire really LIE.

First, the fact that a local printing company's public information monopoly would find it within their responsibility to endorse a candidate rather than inform the population of where the candidates stand on the issues that affect them most, is discrediting to not only the endorsement, but the legitimacy of the newspaper itself.

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