Fuck Columbus

I haven’t really been inspired to write about all things Columbus in this blog in a long long while. So fuck it. I’m gonna transition this thing (actually, I’ve already had) to a blog about nothing, a la Seinfeld. Goodbye Columbus, metaphorically, it’s been a blast. I’ll still write about you in an occasional post. But I’m gonna broaden the scope of this thing.

Google Fiber – a call to the Columbus Tech Community

Recently, Columbus’ Google Fiber effort was revealed. It was okay, but roundly criticized by some in the Columbus Tech Community. I can’t say much about the effort since I work for a company owned by a telecommunications company. But I can say this, if the Columbus tech community really wanted Google to lay its fiber here, it should have banded together and volunteered time to put forth a kick ass effort. Like Baltimore.

It's time for the Columbus Tech Community to become a community for the greater good.

List of Columbus Social Media Experts

Dear Columbus Social Media Expert,

I know how hard it is for you to establish yourself as an expert in the new field of social media. After all, most people have never heard of it until this year. And how do you get your name out there if you can’t get high on the search results?

Well, that’s where I come in. This blog, ranks very high for the search “social media expert Columbus Ohio”. So I’ll lend you my Google juice. For a fee.

I am the Google Juice master of Columbus beatches. Don't you forget it.

But in all seriousness, I’d love to list you here (and yes, it’ll be a *joke*, but at least you’ll be in on it).

New Albany for new HQ

Women’s apparel retailer Limited Stores LLC could put its headquarters into the New Albany Business Park, assisted by a package of relocation incentives put together by the village.

The retailer expects to move 145 employees in early 2010 into about 50,000 square feet at either the building at 6530 W. Campus Oval or a speculative office building at 7775 Walton Parkway at Water’s Edge.

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