Students Converge at Obama Office to Reclaim Voice

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Students from across the country will march from Ohio State University Student Union to President Obama’s campaign office to hold a press conference today, calling into question the injustices of our current economic and political system. In an era where our political process is gridlocked by the influence of money and corporate power, our society has systematically diverted resources from the bottom to the top to fund a frenzy of profit seeking.

Video of the action: 1 - 2

Re-Imagine OSU


Racist Hate Crimes at Ohio State University (OSU)

OSU Sit-InOSU students and allies staged a sit-in at the Ohio State Student Union on Friday, April 6, 2012 in response to recent hate crimes at the university and in the surrounding community. They have three main demands

OSU Anti-Racism Sit-In a Success!

OSU Sit-InFriday, April 6, 2012 - Ohio State University Student Union - Students held a sit-in in response to racist grafitti. Subsequently, a Hate Crime Alert was issued by university officials.

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OSU Students Mic Check Gas Industry Panel at Ohio State

Around 40 Ohio State Students Mic Check and speak a little truth to power towards a gas industry panel at Ohio State.

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