Globally Networked Anarchism

From Metasecurity

As 2008 draws to a close it is fair to say that the hype surrounding virtual worlds has dissipated.  However, it is worth highlighting the continued utility of virtual worlds as not only immersive environments, but also as compelling communication venues.  What continues to separate Second Life from popular gaming virtual environments such as World of Warcraft (WoW), is its ability to globally connect users.  WoW is of course a multi-user environment but as any player will know the opportunities for globally connecting are limited by the local server you attach yourself to.  Second Life remains a more international venue when used in creative ways – global networked protest is one such way.

RNC Protest Video Stream, Videos and Pics

RNC Protest Video Stream, Videos and Pics

Includes Video Of Amy Goodman's Arrest.

Mayday Riots in Hamburg

Hamburg, germany, 1st of may 2008. 1,000 nazis marched in through Barmbek district, protected by the police, while 10,000 antifascists protested and attempted to stop the Nazi demonstration. the police violence against peaceful blockades sparked the heaviest riots Hamburg has seen since the 80's.

Renewed call for fund for Donnell Summers

Renewed call for funds for Donnell Summers

Support North Toledo Anti-fascist Community Member Donnell Summers!

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