McCain's domestic terriorism problem

As John McCain continues using guilt-by-association tactics to falsely portray his political opponent as a radical terrorist sympathizer, it's worth remembering that McCain himself has a little terrorism problem of his own.

The Company You Keep by (by Paul Heller)

America loves nothing more than a war hero, and we've got one on the ballot this year: Senator John McCain (R., Arizona). But then, former California congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham is also a war hero.

Vote for Boris. He's the dog's bollacks!

Vote for my dog, Boris. He'll take no money from big business for favors. Boris is averse to telling lies about oil rich countries so that you'll think it's really nice to bomb and occupy them. He definitely won't sink to making a spectacle of himself trying to win over his audience with an affected loud Southern or redneck voice. He won't even pretend to hunt - he doesn't look good in camo.

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