(Kent) Popular Anarchism in Ireland Speaking Tour


Andrew Flood from Ireland's Workers Solidarity Movement will be in Kent as part of the 43 city North American "Building a Popular Anarchism in Ireland" speaking tour.

Andrew has been involved in popular struggles in Ireland for the past twenty years and has written numerous works on social movements, some of which have been published by AK Press.

PDF's of some of his writing can be found here.

This stop of the speaking tour is presented by Kent Anti-Racist Action.

we can help with housing for anyone coming from out of town who may need it. Hope to see you there!

-Popular Anarchism in Ireland Speaking Tour

(there will also be a stop in Cleveland)

Donnell Summers: Non-Violent Civil Disobedience to help get Justice

Donnell Summers, a North Toledo native was arrested on October 15th 2005 while peacefully demonstrating the Neo-Nazi presence in the neighborhood of Lagrange. He was sentenced to 3 months work release, and 3 years probation with a 6 month suspended prison sentence. This was for a misdemeanor conviction of riot.

Renewed call for fund for Donnell Summers

Renewed call for funds for Donnell Summers

Support North Toledo Anti-fascist Community Member Donnell Summers!

Solidarity with Toledo Anti-fascist protester Donell Summers


Defend Toledo Anti-Fascist Protester Donell Summers!
Donell Summers, a North Toledo resident is now locked in a legal
battle over charges stemming from his arrest in the course of the

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