Irish Catholic complicity in West’s war crime

Irish Catholic complicity in West’s war crime

While the White Pope plays the PR game at home the Black Pope does the biz abroad.
Nothing new in East Timor, Vietnam, Rwanda or Croatia

Irish women tunnels in to stop Construction of M3 Motorway near Hill of Tara

Newsflash on Rath Lugh from the Tara Foundation: 15th March 2008

A Female Protester has sealed herself into a tunnel under a hill upon which the Rath Lugh National Monument is positioned to stop construction of the M3 Motorway near the Hill of Tara. 100 protesters have now joined the protest at Rath Lugh.

Position Paper - 15th February 2008: Digging Machinery operating at Lismullen

Digging machinery has appeared on the 6th February 2008 at the Lismullin National Monument near the Hill of Tara in Ireland as attempts are begun to fill in the Henge in advance of Irish and European Court decisions. (

As of February 15th 2008, the situation appears to be escalating at
Lismullen. Protestors at Lismullen state that Diggers are trying to

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