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MIRAc Asks Gubernatorial Candidates at Debate: Will You Support Immigrant Rights?

Update: Photos from 9/15 Protest

MIRAc preguntara a los candidatos a gobernador si apoyarian a los derechos de los inmigrantes

VotePSL Forum in Columbus -- Why You Should Vote Socialist in November

People Over Profits: Why You Should Vote Socialist in November
A Vote PSL Forum and Corey Ansel for Ohio State Representative (22nd District) Event

PSL marching Join the PSLSaturday, Sept. 25, 2 pm
Ohio State University
The Frank W. Hale Jr. Black Cultural Center
153 W. 12th Ave., Room #134

For more info call 614-226-7807

Video the Vote update

Columbus Indymedia has been working as a part of the Video the Vote effort to expose any problems happening on election day.

So far we have a few videos up on the video the vote site.

We seem to be seeing up to 20% or more of voters being pushed into voting provisionally at certain inner city precincts. If the race is really close this could decide it.

Video the Vote Traininf


There will be a video the vote training hosted by John Ennis (director of Free for All) at the carriage house behind 1021 E. Broad St.
Come and plug into the video the vote and do what you can to help protect the election.

Contact Email: 

Ten ways the McCain/Palin GOP is now stealing the Ohio vote

by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman
September 9, 2008

The McCain/Palin GOP is already in the process of stealing the Ohio vote, as was done in 2004. Among those at the center of the GOP strategy is Bush Family computer operative Michael Connell, who programmed the key vote counting mechanisms that were used to give George W. Bush his second term.

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