This is for stories relating to central ohio that are mostly of interest to people living in the Columbus area.

End Animal Circuses Now!

Although not the most pressing issue facing our world today, the cruelty and abuse of animals at animal circuses is still an important issue for two main reasons:

1) Living beings are being harmed for profit.

2) Families are encouraged to ignore this harm in exchange for entertainment by paying to attend animal circuses. Attending animal circuses supports trainers in "breaking" animals and forcing animals to perform.

Anarchists celebrate Mayday in Rhodes Park

In the shadow of the recent FBI sting on an allegeded anarchist plot to blow up a random bridge in northern Ohio, a group of Central Ohio radicals held an afternoon cookout celebrating international workers day in the West Side park named after notorious governor James Rhodes.  The picnic was in solidarity with the general strike that was called by the occupy movement with over half of the people in attendance calling off work to attend. 

Re-Imagine OSU


Racist Hate Crimes at Ohio State University (OSU)

OSU Sit-InOSU students and allies staged a sit-in at the Ohio State Student Union on Friday, April 6, 2012 in response to recent hate crimes at the university and in the surrounding community. They have three main demands

OSU Anti-Racism Sit-In a Success!

OSU Sit-InFriday, April 6, 2012 - Ohio State University Student Union - Students held a sit-in in response to racist grafitti. Subsequently, a Hate Crime Alert was issued by university officials.

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