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US/Canadian joint homeland security suppression of Indymedia journalists for controversial, widely opposed 2010 Olympics

Reminding us of its nationalist/fascist roots, as the carefully stage-managed 2010 Olympics gets underway in Vancouver, around a billion dollars have been expended on security theater measures. While Canadian authorities want to encourage people to attend the Olympics, Canadian border and customs officials (Canadian Border Services Agencies) have teamed up to suppress the movement of Indymedia and other independent media reporters into Canada.

The Games Have Already Begun: Resistance to the 2010 Olympics

From Earth First Journal

Resistance to the 2010 Olympic games in British Columbia, Canada, began with last year’s string of direct actions and protests (see EF!J July-August 2007). As it becomes clearer that the Olympics are already causing evictions, homelessness, industrial development and environmental destruction, the resistance continues to grow. In the first few months of 2008, a wide variety of militant actions and public demonstrations have already taken place. As most groups engaged in the resistance have vowed, things are sure to escalate in the coming months. Here is a quick roundup of what’s been happening recently.

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