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Is it Too Late to Prevent Climate Catastrophe?

Is it too late?

In a round-about way, the new paper put out by the U.K. Met Office, the Walker Institute, the Tyndall Centre, and the Grantham Institute on August 8, 2012 entitled, "Development of emissions pathways meeting a range of long-term temperature targets" suggests it is.

97% of the Most Active Climate Scientists Agree

Some of you may have heard me talk about or read something I've written where I mention that most climate scientists agree on the signficance and potential destruction due to climate catastrophe.

When I write that, I think to myself it's probably around 60 - 80% of climate scientists. That's good enough for me to realize that we need to eradicate capitalist economic relationships and make sure everyone has:

Root Cause of Fracking: Capitalism

Bill Baker of Frack Free Ohio states:

"[The issue on the local ballot is] an attempt to take back local control and return local decision-making to our city council and the residents as to whether we want to permit injection wells or not. A core component of this is that it criminalizes fracking fluid without legislative approval, and legislative approval in our city limits would require disclosure of the chemicals. We’re back to that same issue of wanting to know what the heck is in this water. Is it just safe brine water as the industry tells us?" (1)

Astroturf Alert: Fake "Grassroots" Rallies Opposing Global Warming Legislation in Minnesota

 A so-called "Minnesota Energy Citizens' Rally" for "affordable energy"-- long a code word for coal, oil and nuclear power--is set to take place in South St. Paul on Monday, August 31 at 11am.

New Report: Global Warming Threatens Midwest Farming

The nation's food security could be at risk in a warming climate, say a group of climate scientists and other experts representing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Iowa State University, the US Climate Change Science Program (US CCSP), and the Great Plains Institute, in a new report called the

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