Chaos & Curfew after tornado strikes North Minneapolis

// UPDATE 2AM WEDS: More volunteers are needed for many cleanup and support efforts. The Mplstornado Resource Sheet has the latest on shelter, food, transportation, charity donations, food, clothes, other dropoffs, health care, internet & cell phone charging & pet support. The city Disaster Recovery Center is opening Wednesday at 9 am in the Fairview Recreation Center, 621 29th Ave. N.

Hunger Strike in Support of Cub Foods Workers to Begin Saturday, May 21

from http://ctul.net/

Hunger Strike, May 21-??:

Bringing to light the injustices workers face every day cleaning Cub Foods stores.

“Every night, we are surrounded by food as we clean the grocery stores in our community.  Yet often we cannot afford to put enough food on the table for our own families.”

So Rational, Entirely Scheduled, Always Escalating War on Drugs & Indie Foods: Mn Board of Pharmacy & our endless circular biochemical police state

Collapsing Budgets Be Damned: Feds and Both Political Parties Determined to Escalate Wars on Drugs and Independent Food Producers; Pharmacy Board Seeks Unlimited Power to Ban Cheeseburgers Without Pesky Public Hearings

By Dan Feidt for Twin Cities Indymedia – The State of Minnesota's budget looks terrible right now, as hardline freshman Republicans and Democratic Governor Mark Dayton look unlikely to cut a budget deal before the legislative session ends this month. However, the leadership of both major parties are avid players funding the thick patronage networks spawned by America's other endless war, the violent administrative system of moral panicking known as the war on drugs. There's action on several fronts and the news is all bad.

Sports Subsidies Don't Add Up For Taxpayers. An Analysis of Minnesota Stadium/Arena Subsidies

Anaylysis of the last 48 years of professional sports subsidies in Minnesota reveal a widening gap between public benefit and private profit. During the first three decades sports subsidies were low enough to be justifiable. However at the turn of the century hundreds of millions of dollars worth of sports subsidies actually distort local ecnomics and become a multimillion dollar public liability.  This trend will only get worse if additional public money is spent on a Vikings stadium and renovations of existing sports arenas.

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