3 Women for Peace

While producing Think Peace: Portrait of a 20th Century Movement, we became aware of the role that powerful women are playing in implementing peace in this century. We shot so much insightful and moving footage at the World Peace Forum, that we could not include it all in our documentary. We invite you to listen to extra footage of three of these inspirational women:

Improvement at Akron U needed in Several Areas

Spirit of law violated at some state libraries [ Post 296101321 ]

Under Bush contributor Dr Luis Proenza, president of the
University of Akron as well as the Dean of Libraries, the spirit of the federal law requiring state universities receiving federal funds to
allow library access to the community has been

Neocon war lies: Hillary bought 'em while Obama fought 'em


Before you vote or caucus in the Presidential primary, take a couple minutes to read the speech Barack Obama, while still an Illinois State Senator, delivered at an October 2002 antiwar rally in Chicago. (If you've already voted, you might pass this info along to friends who will vote soon.)

coming war: Taiwan, China, Japan, US: conflicts, federation, opportunities, finance, trade, politics, leadership

Federation for Taiwan and China: a powerful way to aviod war and move toward peace and global stability and progress:

China and the New World Order:

How Entrepreneurship, Globalization, and Borderless Business are Reshaping China and the World (Book Excerpts)

by George Zhibin Gu
Foreword by William Ratliff
Publisher: Fultus; October 2006; 248 pages

Think Peace DVD

Where were you on February 15, 2003? New film looks at modern day Peace Movement.

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