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Underground film Hits record sales on Showing the Truth about WW2

A small film studio Cheney Films Company, Released Recon 7 Down. A WW2 action film. The film shows how bolth sides acted during the war. The Film can Be found on aswell as No large studio has ever shown War as it truly is. It's just a gripping film to see.

US Army Lies To Our Young men, On Behalf of fbi/cia Assassins

The fbi/cia are in part responsible for the loss of American soldiers killed in battle around the world (this is a matter of public record, as shown in part in the Iraq conflict).The US Army, in order to continue the fbi/cia murderous agenda, targets the most vulnerable segment of our population for recruitment as 'citizen soldiers'.

Yahoo sponsors the 'Citizen Soldier National Guard' movie

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