Anarchism, properly understood ?

By Tom Over--- Perhaps I’m an old guy looking down on a younger generation of folk seeking social change, but most of the self-described anarchists I’ve engaged with are–in my humble opinion–actually something else. ‘Nihilism’ might be closer to the truth than ‘anarchism’ when it comes to their worldviews, though still not quite on the mark.

Help Occupy Columbus: What's Going On?

decision-making crowdIn my last article, I called for more of an Anarchist presence at each General Assembly (GA). If we want the GA to move towards dismantling capitalism and the state that benefits and supports capitalism, then Anarchists need to be present at the GAs so that we can make proposals that move us closer to these goals. In this article, I'm asking all women, people of color, disabled, poor, GLBTQ, and everyone who's experiencing struggle to attend the GAs. I also highlight some of the other important issues currently being debated.

Where Are All The Anarchists?

I've been thinking about the Occupy Columbus and Occupy movement lately and feeling a bit uneasy about it. So, I decided to attend a General Assembly held on Saturday, December 17 in order to determine the source of my uneasiness.

Turns out, the cause of my uneasiness was a general lack of anarchism.

"At its core, anarchism is indeed a spirit - one that cries out against all that's wrong with present day society, and boldly proclaims all that could be right under alternate forms of social organization." (1)

Expect a “Celebration of Anarchy” at the Twin Cities Anarchist Bookfair, Sept. 11-12

Building off long-standing successes like the 16-year-old Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, new anarchist bookfairs have appeared in cities worldwide in recent years. And this coming weekend, the Twin Cities hosts one of its very own at the Powderhorn Park Recreation Center.

RNC 8 Town Hall Video: Pointing Out the Enemy

The local television show Our World in Depth recently featured this video of the RNC 8 Defense Committee's town hall meeting of July 2010. The program included Carrie Feldman on her recent resistance to a federal grand jury, Dr. David Pellow on his recent experiences struggling for academic freedom, Dr. Neala Schleuning on anarchism, and attorney Jordan Kushner on the RNC 8 case.

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