Union Busting

Tempers Explode as Wisconsin Assembly Passes Bill Taking Away Union Rights

Walker remains unwilling to budge; Senate Democrats stay away; compromise ignored


By Patrick Marley, Jason Stein and Daniel Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Governer Scott Walker gets pranked, believes he's talking to backer David Koch, reveals all

Yesterday Gov. Scott Walker recieved a prank call from a blogger who runs a page called "The Beast." The blogger pretends to be David Koch, the wealthy financial backer who funds the Tea Party and other right wing antics. Scott Walker apparently believed he was really talking to David  Koch.  What resulted was Walker getting recorded admitting that he was going to start firing public employees to strong arm the Democrats to reconvene so he can push his union busting bill through. 

There are many other things revealed in this call, including manipulating protesters. Here's a direct link to the recording: 

Part one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBnSv3a6Nh4

Live Reporting from the Wisconsin Protests

Madison, Wisconsin Indymedia is offline but I'm linking to a few places to go for independent media coverage. The first link goes to the Center for Media and Democracy and they are covering breaking news for events in Madison. This website has been doing ongoing coverage for the past week of events in Wisconsin. Their link is:


Milwaukee, Wisconsin IMC is still online and doing open posting:


Here is some of the breaking news for today from Madison (provided by CMD):

The Union Busting Strategy Behind the EFCA EXPOSED!

The Union Busting Strategy Behind the EFCA EXPOSED!

Is the Strategy Behind the EFCA National Ads Created by Navigators Global on Behalf of The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace a SCAM?

First,Navigators Global changed the "face" of the campaign, making it a fight between union bosses and workers, and branded the private ballot as the symbol of the campaign.

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