Sports Subsidies Don't Add Up For Taxpayers. An Analysis of Minnesota Stadium/Arena Subsidies

Anaylysis of the last 48 years of professional sports subsidies in Minnesota reveal a widening gap between public benefit and private profit. During the first three decades sports subsidies were low enough to be justifiable. However at the turn of the century hundreds of millions of dollars worth of sports subsidies actually distort local ecnomics and become a multimillion dollar public liability.  This trend will only get worse if additional public money is spent on a Vikings stadium and renovations of existing sports arenas.

Get Ready for Mayday!

A ton of Mayday events are going off in the Twin Cities on the 125th anniversary of International Workers Day. Get Ready!

Links: Heart of the Beast official Mayday site. On Sunday the Mayday Parade starts 1PM at Bloomington Ave & 26th Street (Route Map). A bike caravan from Mayday to St. Paul with MARS (Minneapolis Autonomous Radical Space) will head over to the International Workers Day March (official site), organized by the May 1st Coalition and Asamblea de Derechos Civiles, beginning at the St. Paul Cathedral around 4pm and ending with a rally at the Capitol.

New 2008 Republican National Convention documentary "Better This World" brings light deep inside Minnesota's secret federal political subversion machine

By Dan Feidt for Twin Cities Indymedia -- A new documentary on the 2008 Republican National Convention, Better This World, screens at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival on Sunday and next Wednesday, and on PBS POV nationwide on Sept. 6th. Directed by Kelly Duane and Katie Galloway, the film premiered in March at SXSW in Austin, TX, earned stellar reviews from industry critics like Variety, and just days ago, Documentary Jury Prize at the 2011 Sarasota Film Festival.

University of Minnesota Social Science tower occupied in UMN Solidarity action

FRIDAY morning: See update here - UMPD/administration kicks out occupiers overnight and issues statement against right to protest in public buildings. Occupiers are returning this morning with events planned - see more at link above!

TUESDAY Update: Occupation continued today, movie nite happening at 7:30! For more visit http://umnsolidarity.wordpress.com... or come down to the Social Sciences building on the West Bank.

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