Economic Justice

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VIDEO: Raid at Rosemary's Home Friday Afternoon; 7 Arrests, Police Assaults; "It's Not Over Yet"

Latest update 9pm: Raid is over.  New article and video coming hopefully before we go to bed!  7 arrests on probable cause obstruction of legal process, according to the MPD. (older updates below)

BREAKING: Sheriffs at Rosemary's House; Leave (For Now) When Confronted With Protest

8:15PM Update: Free food and music have arrived and the atmosphere is festive as some people plan to stay the night.  Reports are that councilwoman Glidden spoke to a city inspector who claimed that no action would be taken tonight; however, Glidden was also told that no eviction attempt would occur today, just one hour before the sheriffs came.  Rosemary Williams is apparently

No Eviction For Rosemary Williams

"Today was supposed to be a very sad day," said a member of the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) to begin the press conference at Rosemary Williams's house this afternoon.  The sheriff had arrived at nine in the morning with an eviction notice.  Ms.

Layoffs at the University of Minnesota: Chop from the top or cut the roots?

In the wake of Tim Pawlenty's multi-million dollar budget cut, University of Minnesota president Bob Bruininks has announced that 1,240 university jobs will be eliminated.  Although this includes positions that won't be filled when employees retire or leave, approximately 600 workers will be laid off.

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