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Video: RNC 8 Case Concludes

Today, October 25, was supposed to be the beginning of the trial of the RNC 8.  Originally facing terrorism charges under the first (and so far only) known use of the Minnesota PATRIOT Act, the eight anti-RNC organizers then faced four charges each before pressure on county attorney Susan Gaertner sent the terror enhancements packing.  In the end, Gaertner dropped charges against three of the eight completely, and in doing so found it easier to secure a final plea agreement on a lesser charge.

Republican National Convention Crooks Charter revealed: Secret AIG insurance policy covers up criminal government operations, gags victims, plus the secret AIG PATROL!

A grim Iron Triangle of insurance lawyers, a huge $10 million AIG liability policy, and state and local courts have conspired to make a dense coverup "shell" for the illegal police and government official operations during the 2008 Republican National Convention. The City of Minneapolis has settled several cases recently but winning plaintiffs haven't spoken up on the state crimes, indicating they are likely gagged somehow. Revealed here: the disturbing coverup engine itself, the insurance policy between the Twin Cities, the failed AIG corporate crime complex, and the RNC Host Committee (Committee On Arrangements). releases 35,000 word comprehensive analysis of the 2008 DNC/RNC mobilizations

From CrimethInc.: At long last, we’ve completed our 35,000-word full report on last summer’s anarchist mobilizations against the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, complete with chronological maps and painstaking documentation.

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