Chaos & Curfew after tornado strikes North Minneapolis

// UPDATE 2AM WEDS: More volunteers are needed for many cleanup and support efforts. The Mplstornado Resource Sheet has the latest on shelter, food, transportation, charity donations, food, clothes, other dropoffs, health care, internet & cell phone charging & pet support. The city Disaster Recovery Center is opening Wednesday at 9 am in the Fairview Recreation Center, 621 29th Ave. N.

Hunger Strike in Support of Cub Foods Workers to Begin Saturday, May 21

from http://ctul.net/

Hunger Strike, May 21-??:

Bringing to light the injustices workers face every day cleaning Cub Foods stores.

“Every night, we are surrounded by food as we clean the grocery stores in our community.  Yet often we cannot afford to put enough food on the table for our own families.”

Capitol Closure Conflict Looms in Wisconsin; Solidarity Rallies in 50 States Held Saturday

UPDATE 9pm: No arrests are occurring tonight at the Capitol in Madison but police say they will evaluate the situation on a nightly basis.  The crowd is thinning out, but hundreds still remain.  In other news, one Republican State Senator has announced his opposition to Scott Walker's bill, bringing the number of new Republican no votes now needed to 2.  Read more at Fight Back! News or via our Twitter list.

The Not-Actually-Spoils of the Food Wars: Busing Away Hunger with the Sisters’ Camelot

by Bill Lindeke--Originally published at Twin Cities Runoff

The Camelot crew is riding through Minneapolis in an old bus painted with the message “Free Organic Food” when, idling at a stoplight, a van pulls up in the next lane. The driver is a round bald man in a white T-shirt, resting his meaty elbow on the downrolled window.

“What is this free food? You have free food?” He shouts over the sound of the diesel engines.

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