Minneapolis FCC Hearing Today; Google & Verizon Plan Would End Free, Public Internet as We Now Know It

[Tonight the FCC is holding a hearing at South High School, 3131 19th Ave S, in Minneapolis at 6PM, about federal communications policy and Net Neutrality. TC Indymedia depends on Net Neutrality to bring you your community news. Two FCC Commissioners, US Senator Al Franken and Secretary of State Mark Ritchie will speak. Watch live video stream, More event info. Post below from the open publishing newswire]

Google & Verizon Plan Would End Free, Public Internet as We Now Know It
Interview with Craig Aaron, managing director of Free Press, conducted by Scott Harris

Testing out WordPress iPhone app 2.0

I like to test things out.

Google Fiber – a call to the Columbus Tech Community

Recently, Columbus’ Google Fiber effort was revealed. It was okay, but roundly criticized by some in the Columbus Tech Community. I can’t say much about the effort since I work for a company owned by a telecommunications company. But I can say this, if the Columbus tech community really wanted Google to lay its fiber here, it should have banded together and volunteered time to put forth a kick ass effort. Like Baltimore.

It's time for the Columbus Tech Community to become a community for the greater good.

MobileX Columbus live blog

MobileX is a one day conference for entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry professionals, and mobile enthusiasts that identifies opportunities, explores solutions, and provides technical education in the mobile & related industries. Follow the action here, or stop by and buy a ticket at the door.

Government Policy Textbook Warns Nordic Countries Heading Toward Innovation Policy Crisis

National Stagnation, Cultural Insularism and a Limited Culture of Public Participation Could be Driving Forces behind an Approaching Innovation Crisis, New Textbook Warns.

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