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Islamic Women Divorce Laws of Egypt

Under the rules of Islamic sharia, the husband can end his marriage unilaterally by simply announcing the words “I divorce my wife” or “I divorce you” three times. He does not need to justify his decision, nor explain any reason for his divorce and never need to enter a courtroom to end his marriage. Egyptian Muslim women however are denied equal right to divorce. They are trapped in unwanted marriages or left begging for a divorce that can take years to obtain and leave them destitute.

Expert on Single Gender Education Warns of "Train Wreck" Without Careful Planning

Columbus public schools Supt. Gene Harris is proposing two single gender middle schools - one for boys and one for girls.

Former AG Aide Denies fraud charges.

Lawyers for Anthony Gutierrez say the former aide to Marc Dann did not break the law.

Judge: Ohio Will Take Custody of Religious Runaway.

Franklin County Juvenile Court Magistrate Mary Goodrich has ordered 17-year-old Rifqa Bary to the custody of the county's Children Services agency, pending the confirmation of her immigration status or her return to Ohio.

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